C++ is widely used in high-performance business applications and also cuts across multiple platforms. As C++ has been around for many years, it is predominant in legacy systems. Being able to implement and integrate systems with C++ into systems that use SOA principles provides great business value to enterprise applications. This session will explore how C++ can be used in SOA systems. Note: all SOA Summer School courses are completely free.  To access the course details and select your curriculum, you must be logged in as an OxygenTank member.

Nandika Jayawardena
Nandika Jayawardena, WSO2 WSF/C++ product lead
  • Introduction to Web Services with C++
  • C++ Web Services in the Enterprise
  • Contract-First Development
    • Working with WSDL
    • Code generation
  • Security in Enterprise Services
    • Implementation patterns
  • Interoperable Applications with C++
    • Inter-operating with heterogeneous platforms
    • Inter-operating with .Net and Java
  • Dealing with Binary Data Transfers
    • Handling attachments
    • Sending and receiving attachments with MTOM/SwA
    • Attachment caching
  • Other Features
    • REST
    • Reliable Messaging
  • Summary and Resources