Business-facing SOA


Business Process Management (BPM) is about process modeling, execution and management. You can achieve continuous process improvement by constantly monitoring the situation and taking corrective action. For this, it is required to get business and IT working together to achieve business objectives, making IT more responsive to changing business needs and conditions.

When the business process requires change, the ability to reflect those with IT systems, need to be seamless, without manual intervention by IT experts.

SOA help us get over the problems related to business and IT gaps, thanks to the principles of service composition, service orchestration and business activity monitoring.

In this summer school session, we will discuss and demonstrate how we can compose services, orchestrate those, monitor them and implement a feedback cycle to ensure continuous improvement of you business processes. This session will also discuss the tools and techniques such as the use of state of the art portals and dashboards to visualize data and use analytics, business intelligence and KPI tracking to help make timely decisions.


Samisa Abeysinghe

Samisa Abeysinghe
VP of Engineering


  • Service composition and service ochestration principles in SOA
  • How SOA help bridge Business and IT gap
  • Service life cycles in SOA,
    • The need for change
    • The need for feedback cycle for continuous improvement
  • Continuous improvement with business activity monitoring
    • KPI
    • BI
  • Business process optimization with analytics
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Thursday, 1st July 2010
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PDT)
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