Under the WSO2 Hood


In this session, CTO Paul Fremantle and OSGi lead Sameera Jayasoma provide a deep look under the covers of the WSO2 technology stack and development approach. This session is aimed at developers and architects interested in digging deeper into the WSO2 Carbon platform, as well as understanding WSO2's open source, open development and open architecture model. The session will help put that knowledge in context of the entire platform, help extend your knowledge across more of the platform or into new domains, illustrate new development approaches and even show how the the platform can be extended with new components. This session will prove interesting both from the technical perspective but also in terms of insight into the agile methods we use to build lean software -- insights that may prove valuable in your projects as well.


Paul Fremantle

Paul Fremantle
Co-founder & CTO

Sameera Jayasoma

Sameera Jayasoma
Senior Software Engineer


  • Discuss the real deal on Carbon - the common services, the component model, how to develop and install components and more
  • Share WSO2's architectural vision: how we see the evolution of middleware and how we see the Carbon platform evolving
  • Help Understand WSO2's development, build and test model - want to build our code? Or maybe just want to know how we build and test? We'll give you the full picture
  • Get the insight into WSO2's open source approach and how we apply principles from Apache and other Open Source projects to our development.
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Thursday, 22nd July 2010
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PDT)
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