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Digital Asset Governance for the IBM Integration Ecosystem

Today, enterprises are continuously adopting digital transformation to meet increasing customer demands. Consumers are demanding easier modern mechanisms for the services offered by enterprises. If these do not meet expectations, customers will look at other options and the shift will take place in no time. 

How does digital transformation translate to reality within the enterprise? Certainly, there will be significant efforts that need to be put into making older, mundane techniques more efficient and modern. This involves proper data organization and using consumer and business data in meaningful ways. For this, enterprises have to undertake small, medium, and large projects to bring light to the raw data they have collected over the years. This means they have to use various technologies to accomplish the project tasks. This includes, but is not limited to, technologies such as databases, integration frameworks, microservices, and more importantly, application programming interfaces (APIs), which are the digital vehicles of the modern digital transformation era. These individual technologies and their constituents are what we call ‘digital assets’. They are the building blocks that enable broader digital transformation. 

Sep, 2020

Governance for Enterprise Digital Assets

Today, enterprises are continuously adopting digital transformation to meet increasing customer demands. Consumers are demanding easier, modern mechanisms to access services and products. If these do not meet expectations, enterprises realize that the shift will take place in no time.

Sep, 2020

Healthcare API Interoperability - An Implementation Guideline

The healthcare industry is taking a significant leap towards new interoperability innovations with the CMS Interoperability and Patient Access final rule (CMS-9115-F). It finally addresses many of the problems associated with siloed healthcare data. This paper looks at the global interoperability problem, the CMS rule in detail, who it applies to, and the timelines. Next, we look at the implementation steps to become compliant—including data source identification, verification, and key points to consider when evaluating technologies. We then introduce WSO2 Open Healthcare and its features and highlight how it can be used to meet regulatory requirements as well as future digital transformation needs.

Sep, 2020

How to Deploy Product Reference Data APIs for Open Banking in Australia in Two Days

Open banking solutions for Australian banks have to date involved complex integrations, dedicated IT resources, months of planning and deployment work, and high costs. As large banks have discovered, this is a difficult process. For smaller banks, building societies, and credit unions, this process is even more of a challenge especially in the current uncertain economic climate. Detailed below is an alternative—a simplified rapid deployment model to give smaller Australian banks a quick, easy, and cost-effective option to deploy compliant PRD APIs by October 1, 2020.

Mar, 2020

A Buyer's Guide to API Management SaaS

Due to the wide adoption of APIs, API management has become a critical requirement of a digital enterprise. There are lots of API management products and SaaS offerings in the market. This buyer’s guide discusses 13 important criteria that you need to consider when evaluating an APIM SaaS offering.

Dec, 2019

Gerenciamento de API híbrida: Execute seus gateways de API em qualquer lugar

Com a crescente popularidade da computação em nuvem, um número crescente de organizações agora está adotando soluções baseadas em nuvem. O gerenciamento de API também está adotando abordagens híbridas, nas quais algumas partes da plataforma são baseadas em nuvem e o restante é baseado em bancos de dados locais. Este documento pretende explicar por que e quando você precisaria de uma solução de gerenciamento de API híbrida.

Nov, 2019

The Five Pillars of Customer Identity and Access Management

Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) enables organizations to scale and ensure secure, seamless digital experiences for their customers, while collecting and managing customer identity data purposefully. This paper will explain the five pillars of CIAM — the core underlying technology required to support the key features of a CIAM solution.

Oct, 2019

Microservices in Practice - Key Architectural Concepts of an MSA

This whitepaper will focus on the key architectural concepts of a microservice architecture (MSA) and discuss how you can use those concepts in practice.

Jul, 2019

Customer Identity and Access Management: A WSO2 Reference Architecture

This paper will introduce Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM), which enables organizations to scale and ensure secure, seamless digital experiences for their customers while collecting and managing customer identity data purposefully. This paper will also present a CIAM reference architecture to address minimal and full-scale CIAM needs with open source WSO2 products, which mainly focus on identity and access management, API management, integration, and streaming analytics.

Jul, 2019

Evaluating the User Experience of Your Enterprise Products: A Framework for Developers and Testers

This white paper explores a user experience (UX) framework which provides a simple checklist for developers and testers to evaluate feature- and product-wise UX aspects qualitatively and quantitatively.

Apr, 2019

The Case for Open Source IAM

The conversation of open source vs closed or proprietary software has been a long one. Read this white paper as it debunks common myths in open source, why choosing open source IAM is a smart decision and how easy it is to migrate to an option as the open source WSO2 Identity Server.

Apr, 2019

Hybrid API Management: Run Your API Gateways Anywhere

With the fast-growing popularity of cloud computing, an increasing number of organizations are now moving towards cloud-based solutions. API management is also moving towards hybrid approaches where some parts of the platform are cloud-based and the rest is based on on-premises data centers. This paper intends to explain why and when you would need a hybrid API management solution.

Apr, 2019

A Guide to WSO2 Identity Server

Read our product white paper to learn about challenges in IAM, capabilities WSO2 Identity Server offers and why it stands out from the rest of IAM solutions available in the market.

Apr, 2019

Product Overview Whitepaper: Open Banking

WSO2 Open Banking is purpose-built for compliance. The solution quickly helps you satisfy open banking requirements and go beyond to accelerate your digital banking transformation through custom APIs. This white paper explores the solution's features, architecture and competitive advantages for open banking.

Mar, 2019

API Driven Microservice Architecture

This paper will introduce microservices and will predominantly discuss the layered approach for an API-driven MSA. It will introduce ways of gradually transitioning from a monolithic architecture to a layered MSA via the API gateway pattern using WSO2 middleware and recommended technologies. This paper will also briefly cover other reference architectures such as segmented architecture, which is a subpattern of layered architecture, and the alternative reference architecture known as cell-based architecture.

Mar, 2019

Open Banking in Australia: The Customer-driven Business Opportunity You Were Waiting For

This white paper will explore how Open Banking in Australia can be leveraged to create customer-driven business opportunities that can be made part of the 10-year business plan.

Nov, 2018

Beyond Open Banking Compliance: The Road to Digital Banking

The open banking compliance requirement provides a great opportunity to digitally transform the bank, piecemeal. If you take the requirement as a whole, it needs many technology components to work together in order to achieve compliance. This white paper will examine what components you need to focus on for open banking compliance and how you can modernize your technology.

Oct, 2018

Keep Calm and Authenticate: Why Adaptive is the Next Best Thing

Here's our go to guide on all things adaptive authentication and why it's considered an "upgrade" from multi-factor authentication.

Oct, 2018

Open Banking Australia: All Your Pressing Questions Answered

From confusion on how to comply to risk of losing customers within the new ecosystem, open banking seems to be a daunting task. In this white paper we help Australian banks answer and resolve the most pressing questions on their minds.

Sep, 2018

Distributed Stream Processing with WSO2 Stream Processor

Businesses constantly produce large amounts of information in various forms, such as financial transactions, sensor measurements, stock trades, system logs, website clicks, health monitoring and more. Increasingly, digital enterprises depend on streaming analytics and real-time data processing to gain a competitive edge in day-to-day business operations. This white paper describes WSO2 Stream Processor's overall distributed stream processing system architecture and how you can leverage it.

Aug, 2018

Healthcare Informatics: The Key to Reducing Medical Errors in the US Healthcare System

The healthcare system in the US is complex, incentive driven, and highly fragmented. Poor coordination in a fragmented system has resulted in serious problems. This white paper will discuss the challenges from a patient’s point of view and then discusses the key federal programs that emphasize best practices for Healthcare Information Technology (HIT). It will also explore the infinite possibilities of an efficient healthcare system and the benefits its stakeholders can reap.

Jan, 2018

Identity Architect Ground Rules: Ten IAM Design Principles

There are multiple components in an IAM system: provisioning (or on-boarding), accounts management, identity governance, identification (or authentication), access control (or authorization) and identity federation. IAM is a broad area, hence these components can be further divided into specific sub-components. This white paper will focus more on the low-level design principles an IAM architect must consider when building an IAM infrastructure from ground-up.

Dec, 2017

Real-Time Location Analytics: Use Cases

This white paper will focus on the business benefits of a real-time location analytics solution for large as well as small organizations in any industry. We first explain the concept of real-time location analytics and how organizations can benefit by incorporating such a solution.

Sep, 2017

Digital Transformation Through PSD2 and Open Banking

The European Banking Authority (EBA) took the EU financial markets by storm in 2016 when it mandated that all banks operating in the region must be PSD2 compliant by January 2018. This whitepaper covers how you can leverage PSD2 to Enter the New World of Open Banking, and why WSO2 Open Banking should be your solution of choice.

Sep, 2017

Devices - At the Forefront of Your Digital Transformation Journey

The Internet of Things is already playing a key role in the business world as organizations increasingly look for innovative ways to maintain their competitive edge. This white paper discusses the role of devices in digital transformation and best practices you must follow when picking your device management strategy.

Aug, 2017

Real-time Analytics in Retail: Use Cases

Consumers today have ready and easy access to information on anything, anytime, and anyplace. Likewise, enterprises too have access to large amounts of data that contain customer demographics, usage patterns, and preferences. This white paper will discuss key analytics solutions that will help organizations to manage and derive insights from this data and improve the way they do business.

Aug, 2017

Real-Time Analytics in Banking & Finance: Use Cases

The world of banking & finance is a rich playground for real-time analytics. The ability to correlate, analyze and act on data, such as trading data, market prices, and company updates is imperative to organizations within this industry. This white paper will discuss key analytics solutions that can manage and analyze this data and offer business benefits to organizations within this vertical.

Aug, 2017

The Different Levels of Streaming Analytics: Use Cases

The Gartner report titled ’The Five Levels of Stream Analytics' outlines five maturity levels for streaming analytics, which provide a roadmap for organizations to follow. This white paper discusses how enterprises can implement each of these levels using the WSO2 Analytics Platform to derive value from streaming data.

Jul, 2017

A Pragmatic Approach to Rock Your API Strategy

Your APIs are to your business what a panel and controls are to a car. Most people have no clue about how a car works under the hood, but knows that if you push the accelerator, the car goes faster, and if you apply your brakes, the car will eventually stop. Similarly, things like climate control, blind spot detection, and adaptive cruise control provide a safer and more enjoyable driving experience without you having to worry about how those systems do what they do. Well, that is exactly how good APIs should work! This white paper explains why you need to and how you can adopt an effective API strategy. It demonstrates the most pragmatic way to do this with general insights and real experiences from some of our consultants on the field.

Jun, 2017

Leveraging a Winning API Management Strategy for Digital Transformation

With emerging digital businesses that create novel products and services, digital transformation is key for both established and modern organizations. This paper will analyze industry surveys conducted by independent and reputed establishments that explore the challenges faced when adopting a digital transformation strategy. It will then discuss the aspects an organization must consider when evaluating an API management solution and will examine how WSO2 API Manager can be used to solve their digital transformation needs.

Jun, 2017

Building an API Strategy Using an Enterprise API Marketplace

An API marketplace goes above and beyond simple API management; a marketplace involves the technology, business and human aspects of API management, ensuring the APIs achieve what they were intended for in the first place: the consumption and usage of APIs. This white paper discusses the advantages of building an enterprise API marketplace and the steps for launching an effective enterprise API marketplace.

Jun, 2017

Video Analytics: Technologies and Use Cases

This white paper will discuss the concept and technology behind video processing, a reference architecture to build a system that can extract high-level information from camera feeds, and some use cases of real-world applications.

Apr, 2017

An Iterative Approach to Digital Transformation

There is no finish line in a digital transformation journey. As you adapt to one technology, the need to change to another one is on the horizon. This white paper will look at a pragmatic and repeatable way to plan, build, and deliver innovative ideas with an iterative approach, spanning both technical and non-technical elements of a digital enterprise.

Feb, 2017

A Platform for Digital Transformation

Digital products improve your business prospects in three fundamental ways: New digital services can expand your line of products and services or add value to existing products or services. This white paper looks specifically at fundamental components of the architecture and infrastructure supporting digital transformation.

Feb, 2017

Convergencia soa – api. Estrategia y tácticas

A pesar de que todo el mundo reconoce que la adopción de una Arquitectura Orientada a Servicios (SOA) y las API son los enfoques más apropiados para un gran número de desarrollos y soluciones en sistemas empresariales, las curvas de aprendizaje y adopción pueden ser muy pronunciadas. Para obtener beneficios a nivel corporativo, los equipos TI deben entender los objetivos de negocio, definir la visión adecuada tanto SOA como API, describir cómo se implementarán los objetivos de negocio y las API públicas además de definir las prácticas de gobierno de los servicios.

Jan, 2017

Reduce los costes de infraestructura y aumenta la agilidad con WSO2

La plataforma middleware de WSO2 reduce significativamente el coste de las infraestructuras en comparación con otros proveedores de soluciones y plataformas similares (no en la nube) propietarias y licenciatarias. Con la adopción de la plataforma de middleware WSO2 en tu organización los costes se reducen hasta en un 75% adquiriendo así, una solución completa con una cuarta parte del coste total si lo comparamos con despliegues en plataformas propietarias.

Dec, 2016

Boas Praticas para uma plataforma de Dados Abertos e Transparencia

O tema transparência, lei de acesso à informação, já não é novidade para muitos na esfera e indústria do Governo. Entretanto, ainda é extremamente complexo obter as informações de forma ágil, embora muitos orgãos tenham seus sites e portais, em muitos deles as informações ainda que disponíveis, muitas vezes estão em formatos complexos, com acesso burocrático e ainda pior: Captchas! Para que captchas se o acesso deveria ser estimulado e não restringindo?

Dec, 2016

Uma visão pragmática para sua iniciativa de APIs

A busca por uma estratégia assertiva em expor essas funcionalidades internas nas organizações, de uma forma reutilizável, fácil de consumir por diversas aplicações e gerar receitas com este novo negócio é o que conhecemos como Estratégia de APIs e Economia das APIs. Uma colocação no mercado que conota bem este momento que vivemos é: "se na década de 90 era ruim uma empresa não ter um website, hoje dia é extremamente ruim uma empresa não ter uma API".

Vamos economizar um pouco de histórias e ir direto ao ponto: o que muitas empresas devem buscar em suas iniciativas de APIs?

Dec, 2016

API Management Platform Technical Evaluation Framework

This white paper will describe innovative digital business goals, outline transformative API oriented IT initiatives, and present API Management platform requirement categories.

Nov, 2016

Capacity Planning for Application Design

This white paper attempts to explore the science of this discipline – it will look at the theory of capacity planning, and discuss the important concepts and parameters, and some practical examples.

Nov, 2016

IoT Analytics: Using Big Data to Architect IoT Solutions

A typical IoT system would comprise of sensors that would collect data and transfer them to a gateway, which in turn would send them to a processing system (analytics cloud).This white paper aims to explain the challenges of IoT analytics and will discuss how big data analytics is used to architect IoT solutions.

Nov, 2016

Connected Retail Reference Architecture

This white paper will discuss the importance of creating a connected retail system today and explain how a complete middleware platform can help address these challenges and meet your retail IT requirements. It will discuss a connected retail reference architecture with actual customer use cases.

Nov, 2016

Connect the World: A Definitive Guide For Your Enterprise Architecture Needs

This white paper will focus on how becoming a connected enterprise can help your organization 1) get close to your customers by way of becoming increasingly visible in the customer’s environment; 2) become a viral business by enabling a generative platform that lets users generate new innovations leveraging the power of the platform; and 3) extend your boundaries by providing capabilities and leveraging those that have been offered to your enterprise. It will further explain the key steps an enterprise should take to leverage the benefits of a connected world. The paper also illustrates these benefits with real use cases (connected airplane, connected health, connected car, connected government).

Nov, 2016

A Reference Architecture for Deploying WSO2 Middleware on Kubernetes

Kubernetes is an open source container management system for automating deployment, operations, scaling of containerized applications and creating cluster of containers. It provides advanced platform as a service (PaaS) features, such as container grouping, auto healing, horizontal auto-scaling, DNS management, load balancing, rolling out updates, and resource monitoring, and make container as a service (CaaS).

Nov, 2016

Connected Health Reference Architecture

This white paper explains the benefits of a healthcare ecosystem, and will discuss how enterprise middleware can help industry players overcome key challenges, enabling disparate systems to work together in an interoperable manner.

Nov, 2016

The Business Value of Open Source

Open source software was first conceived as a concept in the late 90s, and had the great merit of being described as a really dangerous idea. Simon Phipps, former president of the Open Source Initiative (OSI), presented a keynote at WSO2Con EU 2015 in which he discussed the business value of open source today.

Nov, 2016

Everything You Need to Know About the WSO2 Analytics Platform

This white paper will discuss how enterprises today leverage batch and real-time, predictive, and interactive analytics to gain valuable information and make business decisions. It will discuss the key requirements of a comprehensive analytics platform and introduce WSO2’s fully open-source, comprehensive analytics platform.

Nov, 2016

Connected Identity: Benefits, Risks, and Challenges

SAML, OpenID, OpenID Connect, WS-Federation all support identity federation – in other words, all of these standards enable cross-domain authentication. Yet, most federation systems today operate in silos - i.e., a SAML federation silo, an OpenID Connect federation silo, an OpenID federation silo, etc.

Nov, 2016

Connected Education Reference Architecture

Connected education environments exhibit unique requirements to optimally support research projects, curriculum advancement, and effective learning environments, IT teams rely on a connected education reference architecture that streamlines provisioning, delivers self-service access, federates security, and encourages creative experimentation.

Oct, 2016

The Open Source Primer: Part 3 - Why Contribute

Open source communities grow strong when there are many and diverse participants. For many popular projects, there are a few major contributors – usually the authors of the original code – but a long tail of community members that help keep a project current, relevant, and of the highest quality. This white paper focuses on the benefits of contributing resources to an open source project, for which there are no direct returns.

Oct, 2016

The Open Source Primer: Part 2 - TCO Factors

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) figures are often published by vendors but can be hard to relate to your own organization or a specific project. Often they involve an over-idealized model of the business. Small deviations between reality and the TCO model assumptions can easily overwhelm the supposed logic of the calculation. In addition too narrow a focus solely on costs (TCO) versus the subtle factors that affect the ROI. This white paper will discuss TCO by presenting some factors inherent to open source software that are hard to quantify in a TCO context but have a significant impact on the long-term outcome.

Oct, 2016

The Open Source Primer: Part 1

Software is a strange product. It exists entirely in the information space, so the marginal cost of a copy is near zero. Software licenses allowed creators retain full ownership and use copyright law to limit anyone else from making copies. This white paper will explore how open source eliminates many of the unpleasant side effects of traditional licensing by promising that the creator will NOT impose such limits.

Oct, 2016

A Reference Architecture for the Internet of Things

This white paper introduces a Reference Architecture for the Internet of Things (IoT): this includes the devices as well as the server-side and cloud architecture required to interact with and manage the devices. The aim of this is to provide architects and developers of IoT projects with an effective starting point that covers the major requirements of IoT projects and systems.

Oct, 2016

WSO2 Rest API Design Guidelines

This white paper provides guidelines, based on proven industry best practices, on how to develop a REST API that reaches Level 2 of the Richardson Maturity Model.

Sep, 2016

Scope Versus Size: a Pragmatic Approach to Microservice Architecture

This white paper will focus on the key fundamentals of microservice architecture (MSA) and how technology has evolved to what it is today. It will also discuss the role of enterprise middleware in building an MSA.

Sep, 2016

Connected Finance Reference Architecture

Customers today want to feel empowered and want to do things on their own, prompting banks to increasingly incorporate the concept of self service for all banking requirements. Customers today are also opting for systems that are socially connected as well as simple and useful.

Sep, 2016

Event-Driven Architecture - The Path to Increased Agility and High Expandability

This white paper will discuss the basic functions of an event-driven architecture (EDA) and explain the key advantages it could potentially offer enterprises across many industries, both for traditional enterprises and for the new Platform-3.0 based connected enterprises.

Sep, 2016

The Value of Connecting Everything to Everything

This eBook will highlight the value of connecting everything to everything and explain this via common use cases in the IoT space.

Jul, 2016

Connected Government - Cloud Enabling Public Services

This white paper looks at the functional and nonfunctional challenges that arise in building an e-Government stack and how an enterprise-ready Platform as a Service can help in solving these challenges.

Dec, 2015

Selecting a Cloud Platform: A Platform as a Service Scorecard

This whitepaper will help enterprise architects and solution architects evaluate and select PaaS offerings. Use the proposed evaluation framework and quick start roadmap as guides assisting your choice of goals, requirements, key metrics, use cases, and PaaS providers.

Dec, 2015

Managing Big Data for the Intelligence Community

This white paper explores the nature of the intelligence Big Data problem, posits an architectural solution that leverages well-vetted and established tools and demonstrates how this solution can be implemented in cost-effective and timely manner through the use of open source software.

Dec, 2015

Application Services Governance: Automate IT Best Practices and Enforce Effective and Safe Application Service Delivery

Application Services Governance is a mechanism to achieve business agility, build a responsive IT organization, and optimize IT effectiveness. Effective governance automates IT best practices, improves service levels, and facilitates safe, rapid iterations. Governance facilitates safe and rapid change by mitigating risks and reducing uncertainty when teams evolve IT systems. When enhancing governance effectiveness, successful teams smartly remixes IT skills, tooling, and processes; development and operation teams adopt agile processes, introduce automation tooling, and streamline collaboration.

Dec, 2015

Big Data Analytics In Sports - Introducing Football's New 12th Man

This white paper will look at why data analytics is important in football, and for that matter in any sport, along with the case for data analytics. It will also discuss the details of a solution and explain the features such a solution or technology can provide. Moreover, the paper will also take you through how this can be achieved with a technology stack that supports big data analytics.

Dec, 2015

Fraud Detection and Prevention: A Data Analytics Approach

Fraud has become a trillion dollar business today. The Association of Certified Fraud Executives (ACFE) has reported that businesses lose around 5% of revenue to fraud every year. This white paper will explore how to detect and prevent fraud using a data analytics approach.

Sep, 2015

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