Mitra Innovation Leverages WSO2's Open Source Middleware to Build BIM Exchange Platform

This white paper aims to provide a complete understanding of BIM Exchange platform developed by Mitra Innovation. Building Information Modeling (BIM), is now becoming a standard, adopted by many companies in the AEC industry. Software vendors are in the process of enabling BIM compatibility into their software to support standards demanded by companies and regularities. While many stakeholders involved in a large BIM project exchanging information, lack of integration, governance and visibility of information could lead to many complexities. To address these issues, Mitra Innovation has developed a lightweight, robust, scalable and extendable platform called BIM Exchange using open source products.

BIM Exchange enables disparate software applications used in a large BIM project to exchange information seamlessly. It provides a rich API, where legacy applications could be easily integrated. Architects, engineers, contractors and project managers could now exchange, composed and aggregated model information through BIM Exchange which gives them the clear visibility of the project. This is done via exchanging information with BIM compatible IFC files through BIM Exchange. More information about IFC could be found in the section 2.3 of this document.

BIM Exchange was developed based on two main software platforms. In order to achieve the capabilities of integration, managed APIs, security and scalability, open source WSO2 middleware platform is used. To provide all BIM related capabilities, BIMserver platform is used. More information about these platforms will be discussed in the sections to follow.

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