WSO2 Web Services Framework for PHP

WSO2 will no longer continue with any new developments of the WSO2 Web Services Framework for PHP.
We are however handing over the stewardship of the project to the community and the code will be hosted at GitHub.

The WSO2 Web Services Framework for PHP is a PHP extension that delivers comprehensive WS-* based Web services support for the PHP world.

With WSO2 Web Services Framework for PHP, your PHP applications can acquire enterprise grade Web services capabilities and seamlessly integrate with other Java or .Net systems.


  • WSO2 Web Services Framework includes:

    • Support for key WS-* specifications
    • Provides base communication functionality in SOAP, XML, JSON and other message formats carried over various transports including HTTP, SMTP, XMPP and TCP
    • Interoperability with .Net and JEE implementations
    • Support for high availability deployments
  • WSO2 Web Services Framework for PHP includes:

    • Comprehensive WSDL support

      with WSDL Generation and Dynamic Invocation and wsdl2php code generation ( WSDL Mode )

    • Only PHP Web Services Framework with WS-Security policy, WS-Security and WS-Secure Conversation support
    • Binary attachment ( MTOM ) handling capability