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Ballerina VS Code extension version 4.3.0

We are happy to announce the Ballerina VS Code extension 4.3.0 release with a few exciting new features and improvements. Following are the highlights of this release.

If you are new to Ballerina, you can download the installers to install it. You can install the Ballerina VS Code extension from the VS Code marketplace.

New features

Below are the new features introduced by this release.

Entity Relationship Diagram

With the latest Ballerina VS Code extension release (version 4.3.0) and Ballerina Swan lake Update 6 release, now, you can generate the entity relationship diagram for your Ballerina persist model. This feature can be accessed using the icon available on the top-right corner of the editor panel or using the Ballerina: Entity Relationship Diagram command available in the VS Code command palette.

Entity Relationship Diagram

TOML config generator

You can now automatically generate the Config.toml file for your Ballerina project. If there are mandatory configurable variables when you run the program via VS Code, it will prompt asking if you would like to create the Config.toml file. If you select Create Config.toml, it will create the Config.toml file in the package root. If a Config.toml file is already available, it will update it with new configurable fields.


The Config.toml file will be added to the .gitignore file to prevent keys from getting committed to the GitHub repository.

TOML config generator


Below are the improvements included in this release.

GraphQL service designer

A new option is added to the GraphQL service designer to filter between queries, mutations, and subscriptions.

GraphQL filtering