User Self-Service

# User Self-Service preview

You can incorporate self-service capabilities into your business application by invoking the self-service APIs provided by Asgardeo.

Asgardeo also provides a built-in self-service portal, which in currently in Preview mode, where users can manage their own Asgardeo accounts using the My Account portal preview

The My Account portal is in preview mode. We are working on adding more features to enhance the experience of the user.

# Self-service capabilities for users

Listed below are self-service features that are available for the user in the My Account portal

  • Update profile information
  • Change password
  • View and revoke consents given to applications
  • Enroll TOTP
  • Enroll Backup codes
  • Manage linked social accounts
  • View and revoke login sessions
  • Update the account recovery email
  • Discover and maintain applications
  • Register FIDO2 Security Key/Biometrics