Manage active sessions

# Manage active sessions

A session corresponds to the time a user spends on an application from one user agent (e.g., browser) instance. We can consider one session as the time interval between a user's login and logout.

Asgardeo maintains user sessions based on session cookies. Active sessions in Asgardeo are terminated in the following instances:

  • User closes the browser
  • User tries to terminate the sessions via the Asgardeo console and My Account
  • User logs out of an application
  • User resets the password

Active sessions can be terminated explicitly by using the session management APIs as well.

An administrator or an owner can view and terminate the active session(s) of users via the Asgardeo console.

# View active sessions of users

  1. On the Asgardeo console, select Manage > Users.
  2. Select a user and click Edit.
  3. Go to Active Sessions to view details. view-active-sessions

# Terminate active session/sessions

  1. Click Termination Sessions under the selected session. This terminates the respective session only.
  2. Click Termination All. This will terminate all the sessions of that user.