Configure custom domains

# Configure custom domains

Paid subscription required

You need a paid Asgardeo subscription to use this feature. If you don’t already have one, view the available subscription plans (opens new window) and contact the Asgardeo sales team.

By default, the Asgardeo interfaces presented to your users (during the login, sign-up, and account recovery flows), as well as the back-end services (such as APIs), are served by Asgardeo on the following domains:

  • User interfaces:<org_name>
  • Services:<org_name>

With domain branding, you can customize the above endpoints to have hostnames specific to your organization. For example, if your organization is Foo, you can have custom domains as follows:

  • User interfaces:
  • Services:

If you have a paid Asgardeo subscription, contact Asgardeo support and the team will get back to you with instructions on how to implement a custom domain for your organization. Note that you need to send the request from an administrator account.