Conferences / Meetups

05 Jul | 06 Jul

BankTech Asia

Returning to Kuala Lumpur for the 9th consecutive year, BankTech Asia is one of the longest running banking technology & fintech conference in the region. An event not to be missed by Asian bankers, the event focuses on looking at various key developments in; payments & transaction, retail banking technology, and technology risk management with the underlying theme of fintech

02 | Aug

WSO2 Summit Sydney 2017

Join the WSO2 Summit to learn and engage in an interactive discussion on how you can create your digital transformation strategy and put it into practice.

16 Oct | 19 Oct

O'Reilly Software Architecture Conference

Fast-paced and practical. O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference provides the design, development, and deployment training that veteran and aspiring software architects, engineers, and senior developers need.

06 Nov | 08 Nov

WSO2Con EU 2017

Digital Transformation Through Open Source
In today's digital world, organizations must find innovative ways to compete and thrive. The need to rapidly innovate and adapt to new opportunities is greater than ever before. WSO2Con EU 2017 is tipped to be a great opportunity for you to identify the right technologies that meets today's demand, engage and learn from the WSO2 team of experts and others in our community.