Conferences / Meetups

20 | Oct

DINACon 2017

Addressing the current political challenges surrounding digitalization in Switzerland, innovation and research, data protection, copyright, and technical issues such as open data or bitcoin / blockchain, DINACon 2017 focuses on Digital Sustainability and is organized by the Research Center Digital sustainability of the University of Bern in collaboration with the Parliamentary group Digital Sustainability and the associations CH Open , and

25 | Oct

WSO2 API Forum 2017 São Paulo

Junte-se a nós neste evento focado em sessões de estratégias e práticas de APIs

25 | Oct

NextGenPSD2 Conference 2017

Organized by the Berlin Group, this conference will cover how NextGenPSD2 bridges into the banking system to reduce the complexities of the revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2). WSO2 is a Premier Sponsor of this event.

06 Nov | 08 Nov

WSO2Con EU 2017

Digital Transformation Through Open Source
In today's digital world, organizations must find innovative ways to compete and thrive. The need to rapidly innovate and adapt to new opportunities is greater than ever before. WSO2Con EU 2017 is tipped to be a great opportunity for you to identify the right technologies that meets today's demand, engage and learn from the WSO2 team of experts and others in our community.

07 Nov | 08 Nov


APIDays Berlin focuses on banking APIs for Open Banking and digital transformation in the FinTech industry. It brings banks together to share their stories about how to apply API strategy and API architecture in legacy systems to achieve business goals.

08 | Nov

Meetup: General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for Identity Architects

This meetup aims to discuss all technical aspects of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and what steps you as an identity architect can take to ensure that your security strategy is primed for the due changes.

15 Nov | 16 Nov

PSD2 Re-inventing Payments in the Digital Age

This conference aims to connect the best panel of PSD2 experts in the market and provide best practices and case studies from the leading industry players. WSO2 is a Bronze Sponsor of this event.