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WSO2 Training & Certification

Maximize the benefits from your WSO2 product deployments by taking advantage of our training offerings. Courses range from introductory to advanced, and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your business. Our courses encompass a range of topics, covering installation, configuration, application development and deployment, troubleshooting and administration.

To provide further training focus, courses can be tailored to your user base to ensure the right employees are educated on the right skill sets. The courses have been developed, tested, and authorized by WSO2 and our strategic training partner Redpill Linpro.

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WSO2's Certification Program recognizes developer's skills and awards certification credentials to those who meet the criteria and requirements. Certification provides an authorized, verifiable way to present your skills to your team members, employers, customers and partners. In addition, joining the community of WSO2 Certified Developers makes you eligible for special offers, exclusive notices of relevant opportunities, and (with your consent) appropriate referrals to prospective customers and employers. Currently, certification is offered for our popular courses and will be expanded as our community grows.

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What the difference between standard public courses and private custom courses?

Public training provides you with a hands-on, interactive experience with WSO2 product configuration. In these public courses, you will meet other WSO2 customers using the same products as your organization, thus giving you a broader view of product implementation and configuration.

However, if you have 4+ people in your group that need training, an onsite course might be a better financial option, and if needed, can be customized to your business needs. With onsite training, you can receive the exact same training from the public courses, while limiting your travel expenses. If needed, these private training sessions can be customized to your specific needs, your systems, your data, and your processes.

How can I find out what public courses are available?

Most of our popular courses are available according to the schedule published at

How can I schedule a custom private course for my team?

To schedule an onsite/private training for your team, contact us at Our experts work with you to create an agenda that fits your immediate and long-term needs.

How can I get certified?

Certification is offered as an option post-training. However, if you are a seasoned WSO2 developer and would like to get certified without attending training, please email and we can arrange for a certification attempt.

How can I see what each course covers?

The course catalog lists course outlines, durations, prerequistes and target audiences for each course.

How can I find out pricing information?

Our Pricelist provides pricing for all our services, including consulting, support and training. For the latest copy, please contact your WSO2 Account Manager or contact us at

Who do I contact for further information?

For more information you can visit or email