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API Management

Delivering the Value of APIs to your enterprise on premise or in the Cloud

APIs are at the core of any connected business, exposing valuable services across customers, partners, and supplier channels. The WSO2 Platform for API Management will revive your APIs and ensure faster return on investment.

Achieve your digital business goals faster with our scalable, flexible and proven platform that gives you complete control over infrastructure and management of all your APIs. From designing to analysis, we boost all your API-oriented IT initiatives, including the API-centric enterprise, mobile and the Internet of Things (IoT), microservices architecture, and API management.

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Design and Implement

  • Manage all your APIs from a single publishing console
  • Design APIs from scratch or import existing definition leveraging the Swagger framework
  • Mock APIs implementation using JavaScript and deploy as prototype
  • Leverage the embedded mediation engine to execute basic and complex integration policies, such as transformation, data enrichment, or protocol conversion
  • Transform across protocols and data formats, including SOAP, XML, JSON, or REST

Secure and Manage

  • Define and apply service level agreements (SLAs), rate limiting, and throttling policies
  • Protect APIs via OAuth or other security schemes
  • Block users who may be abusing the system
  • Single-sign on across the store and other apps in your enterprise deployment
  • Leverage XACML for fine-grained access control
  • Pass security information to back-end services via JSON web tokens
  • Leverage workflows to control processes such as subscription or self-sign up
  • Govern the API lifecycle, from creation through retirement
  • Manage API versioning and deployment status by version

Publish and Engage

  • Tailor the store to your company’s look and feel
  • Publish prototyped and production APIs to our API store, with public or restricted visibility, together with API documentation, code samples, and SDKs
  • Let developers test your APIs right from the developer’s portal, using sandbox gateway
  • Provide self-sign-up access to portal
  • Support social logins, such as Facebook or Yahoo!
  • Instantly generate/manage OAuth keys from the portal
  • Socialize with developers via comments, ratings, and forums
  • Publish real-time user dashboards

Monitor and Analyze

  • Deliver operational dashboards: API availability, response times, success, and errors
  • Instrument your APIs, publish your own events stream and define custom dashboards
  • React in real time to API calls patterns, such as SLA breaches
  • Detect trends in usage
  • Optimize SLA definitions and monetization models
  • Track key developers organizations

API Management

Success Stories

Most organizations already have a plethora of applications and data that they use to create the value they deliver to customers. Taking these existing services and data and making them available as APIs inside or outside an organization is an essential step of the Enterprise Refactoring that enterprises have initiated on the path to becoming connected businesses.

API management encourages resource accessibility, resource reuse, and development community expansion. API management components enforce service-level tiers, provide developer self-service, encourage API branding, enable monetization, and facilitate integration governance best practices (i.e. API versioning, subscription monitoring, capacity management).

Since 2012, WSO2 has been working with customers from various industries, from Fortune 500 enterprises to ISVs, helping them solve their integration and innovation challenges through the use of APIs. These customers leverage our API Management platform, in combination with our integration and security capabilities.

Increasing Service Reuse within the Enterprise

API management is a strategic component within a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) initiative. An SOA initiative’s success requires creating loosely coupled consumer-provider connections; enforcing a separation of concerns between consumer and provider; and exposing a set of reusable, shared services, while gaining service consumer adoption.

Many development teams publish services, yet struggle to create a service architecture that is widely shared, reused, and adopted across internal development teams. Instead of creating consistent service architecture and demonstrating service reuse, teams inadvertently produce Just a Bunch of Web Services (JBOWS) or Just a Bunch of REST Services (JBORS). A single application often consumes a service, and a spaghetti web of one-to-one connections exists between service provider endpoints, and consumers.

By publishing managed APIs, establishing API manager and publisher roles, and offering APIs through an API store, customer teams increase service reuse and enhance IT business value. APIs become the missing link for SOA success.

Accelerating Business Innovation

Enterprises deploy an API-centric architecture to provide a unified access to information. An architecture like this can fuel innovation in unimaginable ways and enable partnerships that would be difficult to envision without APIs. Internal developers, partners and third-party developers can create new solutions, invent new business models and combine data from various companies in ways that were inconceivable a few years ago.

Facilitating Applications Delivery

Leveraging APIs can enable application developers, and in particular mobile applications developers, to tap into enterprise data and processes. Furthermore, API providers can control the access and consumption of data at the edge of the network.

In early 2013, WSO2 started to work with Axiata Group to build an API-centric, open reference architecture for telecommunications companies.

“Two years ago my team started building what is now WSO2.Telco on top of WSO2’s core platform. The decision was simple. Why reinvent the wheel, why pay over the odds to do it? The result: we have dramatically reduced our costs while increasing our agility. In turn, this has opened up myriad business opportunities. Axiata has integrated the whole group in nine months from scratch, and our IT organization can now work as fast as any external partners we want to engage. Better still, our internal teams are now asking for our APIs,” stated Anthony Rodrigo, CIO of Dialog Axiata Group.

WSO2’s API gateway and Identity Server initially deployed by Dialog has now gone live in Robi (Bangladesh), XL (Indonesia), and will soon be going live in Smart (Cambodia). In addition, the same technology has been extended to provide an Axiata Group API gateway that enables app developers to reach over 240m Axiata customers.

Building New Channels and Ecosystems

Our customers are building Platform-As-A-Service (Paas) environments that not only expose APIs, but also allow third parties to develop, deploy, test, and manage new APIs. This combines multiple technologies into a seamless cloud environment, including API management and API analytics.

These environments create an API-centric PaaS specific to an ecosystem. Our customers’ strategies are similar to, which offers a central business capability and an ecosystem platform to build a thriving value-web and community.

APIs for the Internet of Things

The growth of the number and variety of devices that are collecting data is incredibly rapid. A study by Cisco estimates that the number of Internet-connected devices overtook the human population in 2010, and that there will be 50 billion Internet-connected devices by 2020.

APIs and IoT are a “match made in heaven.” APIs help tap into the data collected by all connected devices and are the glue across all IoT devices.

Pacific Controls is one of the most innovative companies for IoT and provides end-to-end managed application services and solutions for machine-to-machine (M2M) and IoT applications.

API Management

OEM Extend Your Competitive Advantage as a WSO2 API Management OEM Partner

Is your business ready to face the challenges of managing APIs in the highly connected Web 2.0 world? More importantly, does your current API management setup enable rapid development, enhance API security and performance, and deliver a faster return on investment to keep you ahead of the curve?

WSO2 API Manager is designed to help software companies just like yours. We have a scalable deployment model, unique API store, lifecycle management, and built-in security, to name just a few unique features. You get a stable and open-source code base, world-class support, and a system that easily integrates with your platform, modularized to deploy only what you need. Don't just take our word on its performance - here's what The Forrester Wave report on API Management Platforms has to say.

Enhance your Product Strategy


Our innovative store concept allows users to easily find, evaluate and test APIs online. It can totally be adapted to your company image, extended with your specific content or pages. You can also enrich its functionality leveraging Java and JavaScript based programming.


Leverage the embedded analytics and measure your APIs' success using our pre-defined operational and business dashboards. You can also enrich the pre-defined analytics and easily integrate them to the platform. You can complement our API solution with WSO2 Business Activity Monitor or Google Analytics. Additional third-party analytics products can easily be integrated too.

Lifecycle and Version Management

We built in lifecycle and version management to keep a clean and organized experience for your ecosystem.

Access Control

Our product supports the OAuth security standard and gives you control over who can access your APIs at any time. Users will be able to subscribe to APIs and generate security tokens in a few seconds through the storefront. You can extend this with more fine-grained authorization checks, e.g. based on role, time of day, or company name.

Service Level Agreements

Define SLAs, apply them to your APIs, and enforce them through the product.


The product itself can be extended thanks to our composable underlying platform, Carbon.


Can handle several hundreds of transactions per second, with minimum latency, on a single node.

WSO2 OEM Advantages

Quicker Time to Market

Designed to be easily customized and embedded with options to deploy in the cloud or on-premise.

100% Open Source and Open Standards Compliant

No legal potholes for long-term inclusion in your product set.

World-Class Services and Support

The assurance of a global enterprise providing you updates and the required back-end support, patches and service packs to keep the end customers satisfied and to minimize the effort of the OEM to keep them that way.

A Business Model That Works for You

Flexible pricing options that simplify, not complicate, your business.

Contact us today to learn how our OEM program can benefit you.

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  • Fully integrated with identity management solutions, bringing SSO, federated Identity, social logins, and entitlements support into API management
  • Fully integrated with integration solutions for guaranteed delivery of messages, asynchronous exchanges support, complex data transformation, or services composition
  • Scales to thousands of transactions per second, on a single node, with minimum latency
  • Low footprint, easy to install and deploy
  • 100% open source