[Blog Post] Apache Stratos as a Single Distribution

In this blog post, Nirmal talks about the merging of key products in Apache Stratos into a single distribution.

Demystifying WSO2 ESB Pass-Through Transport - Part I

WSO2 ESB is the world’s fastest open-source ESB and has been battle hardened with thousands of deployments worldwide with production use cases of billions of transactions. The non-blocking HTTP transport of WSO2 ESB, which is known as Pass-Through Transport (PTT), is the key component behind this resounding success. This series of articles will give you an in-depth understanding of PTT.

[Blog Post] ITIL v3, WSO2 Middleware and Pragmatic Application Services Governance

In this blog post, David Ching - the founder of iBIT - talks about WSO2 middleware and pragmatic application services governance.