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WSO2Con Insights–Trimble Builds an Enterprise PaaS Framework with Open Source On August 14, 2014 By Hasmin AbdulCader, A large part of the value of Trimble solutions is that they enable customers to build and manage their own positioning-centric solutions for employees in the field—a key requirement for customers in the agriculture, construction, and transportation sectors. Trimble also... Continue reading
Nine and counting… On August 4, 2014 By Hasmin AbdulCader, Setting out on a revolutionary journey 9 years ago, ex-IBMers Sanjiva and Paul founded WSO2 to rethink middleware as we know it. Right from the start WSO2’s vision was to Be the #1 middleware company in the world Build a... Continue reading
WSO2 Featured in DZone’s 2014 Guide to the Internet of Things On August 1, 2014 By Hasmin AbdulCader, We are happy to be recognized as a featured vendor in DZone’s 2014 Guide to the Internet of Things, a report focused on IoT development trends, strategies, and tools. The guide includes: Expert opinions and tips Industry knowledge Product and... Continue reading
API Registry and Service Registry On July 24, 2014 By Asanka Abeysinghe, [Based on a post originally appearing at] Registry acts as a core component in Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Early SOA reference architecture named the registry as a service broker for service providers to publish service definitions, allowing service consumers... Continue reading
Implementing an API Façade with the WSO2 API Management Platform On May 28, 2013 By Asanka Abeysinghe, [Based on a post originally appearing at] In my previous post I described about the reference architecture of API Façade. This post gives implementation details using the WSO2 API Management Platform and the WSO2 ESB. Business scenario: A backend... Continue reading
A Pragmatic Approach to the API Façade Pattern On May 24, 2013 By Asanka Abeysinghe, [Based on a post originally appearing at] Business APIs expose business functionality for access by external and internal consumers.  In technical terms APIs provide an abstract layer for the internal business services to cater to consumer demand. Most service... Continue reading
Enabling Cloud-native, complex enterprise development in the Cloud On September 15, 2014 By haddadcblg, Forklifting terrestrial middleware into the cloud provides incremental benefits. To revolutionize project delivery and build a responsive IT, organizations operating at the speed of business: Adopt DevOps practices and tooling to streamline processes and increase agility Automate governance to safely secure Cloud interactions and hide Cloud complexity Choose a multi-tenant platform reducing resource footprint and […] Continue reading
Choosing API Security Options Fostering API Ecosystems On September 10, 2014 By haddadcblg, Choosing appropriate API security options will help you gain developer trust, increase API adoption, and build an effective API ecosystem.  While APIs are the ‘coolest’ and most effective mechanism to expose business functionalities out towards the outside world and inward to other teams, API security requires learning new technologies (i.e. OAuth, MAC token profiles, and JSON Web Token [JWT]) […] Continue reading
Embrace the Shadow Today On September 3, 2014 By haddadcblg, Enterprise IT must embrace Shadow IT today and establish a partnership that will move the business forward at the speed of now. By understanding the Shadow IT mindset, you can bridge the divide, accelerate solution development, and empower every team to build in an enterprise-safe manner.  Start today, and take small steps towards a big […] Continue reading
Installing Python for Beginners in Ubuntu By Hasini Hi all,I have been away from my blog for a long time... Although I had many things to write, I didn't find time for that.Here I am again, writting a small post on something I just started to learn...It is Python, which is needed for Machine Learning class that I... Continue reading
WSO2 ESB Performance Round 7.5 By shazni WSO2 has published latest performance round testing of the WSO2 ESB known as WSO2 ESB Performance Round 7.5Following are some of the stats related to the test conducted with WSO2 ESB 4.8.1.It indicates relative performance metrics with number of leading open source ESB's.Numbers clearly indicate WSO2 ESB outperforms other open source... Continue reading
Downloading and running WSO2 Complex Event Processor By shazni WSO2 CEP is a lightweight, easy-to-use, 100% open source Complex Event Processing Server licensed under Apache Software License v2.0. Modern enterprise transactions and activities consists of stream of events. Enterprises that monitor such events in real time and respond quickly to those environments undoubtedly have greater advantage over its competitors.... Continue reading