Micro Integrator

Cloud native integration framework

An open source, cloud native integration framework built for integrating APIs, services, data, SaaS, proprietary and legacy systems.


  • Intuitive and agile integrations with a graphical drag-and-drop interface and integration configuration language to boost developer productivity.
  • Native integration with cloud native ecosystem ( Docker, Kubernetes, Prometheus)
  • Integrate APIs, Service, Data, File systems, Messaging systems(ActiveMQ, RabbitMQ, Kafka), SaaS applications, and legacy applications
  • Seamless deployment on on-prem, hybrid and multi-cloud environments.
  • Designed for integrating microservices and cloud native applications as well as for the conventional ESB style integration.
  • Battle-tested with billions of transactions across thousands of global production deployments.

Role of Micro Integrator in Microservices Architecture

Micro Integrator Developer Workflow

  • Download tools and setup the environment
  • Initialize code repositories
WSO2 Integration Studio
  • Implement integration logic
  • Add file resource
WSO2 Integration Studio
  • Prepare and build composite application
  • Deploy in integrated Micro Integrator
WSO2 Integration Studio
Iterate & Improve
  • Developer test scenario
  • Debug and fix issues
WSO2 Integration Studio
  • Commit changes to version control system
  • Create immutable docker image and publish to docker registry
WSO2 Integration Studio

See the tutorial on Developing Cloud Native Integration for a quick demonstration of the developer workflow.

Micro Integrator CI/CD workflow



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