Cloud Native App Developer

Writing a web or mobile application? Design, develop, deploy, and operate your backend APIs, services, integrations, and more with any programming language of your choice.

You write the code. We do everything else.

No Limits, Just Create

Write your code in any language and push it to GitHub. We build, deploy, and manage it for you. Write not just APIs but also automations, webhooks, event streams, and more.

No Limits, Just Create

Automate Everything

Automatic build (CI), integrated testing, and externalized configuration management.

Serious, Not Toy Development

Manage and deploy multiple versions of your application across several deployment tracks with unparalleled flexibility.

12 + 3 = No Sleepless Nights

Choreo is designed with 12+3 factor applications in mind.

Integrated Identity Management and Authorization

Get built-in identity management, authentication, and authorization capabilities through Asgardeo for the applications you build.

Integrated Identity Management and Authorization

Social Logins and SSO

Configure your social identity providers (IDPs) and connect them to your apps in just a few clicks. Get OpenID Connect (OIDC) and OAuth2.0 based authorization by default. Use the web and mobile application templates to get started.

User Management

Easily add users who can access your application through Asgardeo’s user management portal or federation to other IDPs.

Authorization (RBAC, ReBAC)

Decide who can access resources and data using built-in authorization through role-based and/or relationship-based access control features.

GraphQL? REST? gRPC? WebSockets? Webhooks? Yes!

Choose the right API technology for your backend, or even mix and match without hesitation. Choreo can handle them all.

GraphQL? REST? gRPC? WebSockets? Webhooks? Yes!

Don’t Force Fit

Some backends are best written as REST APIs. Some as GraphQL. And some as gRPC. We got it covered.

Security for Everything

Whatever technology you decide on, we protect everything as managed endpoints with complete security.

Do Discriminate

Your cloud native app can use gRPC for internal service calls and GraphQL for external ones. Choose wisely but we got it covered.

Build, Deploy, and Test

Built-in CI/CD to deploy your code across multiple environments with configuration and secret management capabilities.

Build, Deploy, and Test


Just write your code, we build, containerize, and push it to a container registry of ours, or to your own.

Promote Across Environments

Move code from one environment to another with a click of a button, while switching configurations.


Use our built in testing tools to make sure your code is functional in different environments. Plugin with Postman for API testing.

Expose Your Code as Secured APIs Effortlessly

​​Leave the security to us. We’ll protect everything from front end to storage while you focus on writing the logic.

Expose Your Code As Secured APIs Effortlessly

Internal and External APIs

Choreo’s deployment architecture lets you decide what APIs are exposed to whom. We guarantee that the right permissions are available before the code gets accessed.

Full Lifecycle API Management

Get full lifecycle API management, including subscriptions to APIs, API keys, and a developer portal.

Rate-Limits and API Analytics

Enjoy uninterrupted services by preventing overloading issues. Control how much you can handle with a click of a button. Get insights about how your APIs are performing and how useful (or not useful) they are.

Just the Good Parts of Kubernetes, Without the YAML

Kubernetes (K8s) is great, but it gets a little complicated with YAML. Choreo takes out all the pain and gives you a serverless feel without having to learn about the cloud native landscape.

Just the Good Parts of Kubernetes, without the YAML

Simple Abstractions

Organize your work into projects, components and endpoints. Choreo maps that to K8s and gives you the same abstraction from development to deployment to observation.

Shhhh! It's a Secret

Keep passwords and other credentials secured with the K8s vault. Choreo will push in the right values to the pods at the right time.

Your Kubernetes or Mine?

Minikube? EKS? AKS? GKE? All good. We don’t discriminate about your choice of K8s.

Observe and Scale Freely

Choreo provides observability and scalability by default. You don’t need to worry about looking for third-party solutions to observe your code anymore.

Observe & Scale Freely>
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Logs, Metrics, and Traces

Choreo provides the full spectrum of observability out of the box with no additional tools or frameworks needed. It also allows you to plugin to your tool of choice.

Scale Up and Down

With Kubernetes underneath (transparently), you no longer have to worry about scaling. Your services will automatically scale up when busy and scale down when idle to save costs.

AI Anomaly Detection

Something’s not working as it should? Not to worry. Choreo will automatically learn and detect normal patterns of operations and will alert you when something is abnormal.

Ballerina? Yes we Pirouette

Ballerina is the world's first and only cloud native programming language. Designed to support service creation, consumption, data oriented programming and more, it makes writing cloud native applications a twirl.

Ballerina? Yes we Pirouette

Cloud Native Abstractions

Ballerina provides first-class support for all the components needed to develop powerful cloud native applications, including services, endpoints, clients, and data formats such as JSON, XML, SQL, and NoSQL.

Pictures, Not Just Code

Ballerina is designed so every program can be drawn as sequence diagrams and flowcharts. From design to implementation to observability, one abstraction rules them all.

VSCode + GitHub Copilot

Ballerina’s VSCode plugin lets you design a complete API-based application. Write the components in different technologies with help from GitHub Copilot and then use the Choreo VSCode plugin to manage the code.

Isolation, with Projects and Cell-Based Architecture

Organize and manage your work, not just with code but also with the right network rules which are automatically applied when you deploy your services. Cell-Based Architecture is a reference for how your code/services should be organized in a cloud native environment.

Integration as Part of Your Internal Developer Platform

Isolated with Kubernetes Namespaces

Choreo manages K8s network policies, so you don’t have to. Just organize your code around projects and components and Choreo will keep it together from design and development to operation.

Internal and External Gateway for Conscious Exposure

Never expose anything to unintended parties by accident. Choreo’s internal and external gateway ensures you are aware when exposing or consuming a service.

RBAC for Projects and Environments

Securely manage your project team and control access to sensitive information. Define roles and permissions to prevent unauthorized sharing of configurations and secrets, ensuring that your data is always safe.

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WSO2 for Startups

Launch Your Projects Quickly with Our SaaS Products at No Starting Cost

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