CIAM that’s more than just access control

Asgardeo is a SaaS-based customer identity and access management (CIAM) solution that lets you design a smarter, more engaging, data-driven customer experience (CX) that will keep them coming back.

360-degree customer view

Don’t treat your customers like strangers with a generic app or website experience

Asgardeo creates a comprehensive, unified view of users’ information, including data stored by your organization. This combination of data enables you to deeply know your customers.

Apply a deep understanding of each user to design a delightful CX for each interaction

Using Asgardeo’s unique 360-degree customer view, developers can create unique, intriguing, and engaging interactions that will keep customers coming back to your CX apps and website.

Focus on the application and leave the customer identity problem to Asgardeo

Simplified steps to enable authentication for your apps

Easily integrate single page, regular web, and mobile applications.

SDKs that enable working with popular technology stacks.

Benefit from built-in IAM best practices

Take the pressure off your team to maintain in-depth knowledge of IAM standards and protocols.

Use built-in IAM best practices, easy-to-follow documentation, and common workflows, including SDKs.

Work with your current tools and skill set

A wide range of SDKs, integrations, APIs, and code samples ensures your development effort is fast, easy, and low-risk.

Asgardeo meets you wherever you are on your CX journey, from essential features to get you started, to advanced data-driven CIAM depth when you need it.

B2C, B2E, and B2B

Easily support your B2C applications with high availability and massive scalability.

Empower your B2B business model with advanced organization management features that are now available for customer preview.

You don’t need to be an identity expert to implement customer authentication and authorization in your apps and websites

Developer-focused Identity-as-a-Service enables you to easily embed advanced CIAM features to apps within minutes.

Choreo Introduction

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Build secure and frictionless customer experiences

Enable easy, custom-branded logins

Quickly add logins with your organization's chosen branding to your mobile apps and websites.

Facilitate SSO between multiple logged-in applications for an improved user experience.

Enable user privacy and consent

Empower users to grant and revoke consent for information sharing between applications.

Simplify with social sign-in

Enable social sign-in with Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, GitHub, and more using pre-defined templates.

Enable a self-service environment administrative effort

Customer self-service for registration, account recovery, password reset, configuration of MFA options, and consent management puts the customer in control and offloads.

Connect everything

Enables identity federated access to web and mobile applications across multiple trust domains using open identity standards (including SAML, OIDC, and WS-Federation).

Integrate with any application

Embed identity into the entire customer experience by integrating data from CRM, data management, consent management, and more.

Control who has access to what

Control or restrict access to resources like applications and APIs based on roles, attributes, or administrator discretion, and provide the correct access to the relevant resources at the correct times.

Ensure secure access

Integrate modern login options (TOTP, passwordless with FIDO2, biometrics, and more) with your business application to build a better and more secure login experience for your customers.

Implement multi-factor, adaptive authentication workflows with easy-to-use templates.

The Asgardeo difference

Why you should choose Asgardeo for your CX project


The only SaaS CIAM that delivers a 360-degree customer view

Developers have a vast array of information to create a truly smart, delightful, and engaging user experience.

Meets you wherever you are on your CX project journey

Easy-to-use, essential features when you’re just getting started, all the way to advanced, data-driven CIAM depth when you need it.

Supports your B2B business model with advanced organization management features

Critical B2B features, including organization lifecycle management, delegated administration, and customizable access policies, enable your organization to extend your market reach, develop new revenue streams, and enable innovative business models.

Convenient billing options, including a free version

Convenient annual or pay-as-you-go billing options align with your organization’s payment preferences. A robust free forever version is great for emerging organizations or exploring the feature set.

Take Asgardeo for a spin!

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