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Asgardeo helps developers implement secure authentication flows to applications in a few simple steps.

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You don’t need to be an identity expert to implement authentication to your apps

Simplified steps to enable authentication for your apps

Easily integrate single page, regular web, and mobile applications.

SDKs that enable working with various technology stacks.

Enable multi-factor and adaptive authentication

Choose from a variety of methods such as Email OTP, SMS OTP, and TOTP for 2FA.

Define multiple steps and configure options according to user requirements.

Add social login and external IDP logins to your apps

Enable social sign-in with Google, Facebook, and GitHub using pre-defined templates (with more to follow).

Configure external identity providers that can connect with open standards like OpenID Connect and SAML to your application.

Onboard users and manage access

Manage your customers, employees, and partners with (default) supported onboarding and management workflows.

Use Asgardeo provided directory or plug in your own LDAP or Active Directory via an agent.

SDKs and built-in integrations

Unlock the full application experience by focusing on the business logic and enable
login and secure access to end-users

Asgardeo Explained: Authenticate your apps in a few simple steps

Developer-focused Identity-as-a-Service enabling you to easily embed advanced CIAM features to apps within minutes

Choreo Introduction

Build secure and frictionless customer experiences

The developer

Easy to use and intuitive, saving developer time and effort

Built-in IAM best practices

Built-in IAM best practices, easy to follow documentation, and common workflows including SDK’s take the pressure off you to have in-depth knowledge of IAM standards and protocols

Connect with social and enterprise identity providers

Integration with social and enterprise identity providers enhance the customer onboarding and login experience

Enable a self-service environment

Customer self-service for registration, account recovery, password reset, configuration of 2FA options, and consent management put the customer in control and offloads administrative effort

Provide modern authentication options

Integrate modern login options (TOTP, Passwordless with FIDO2, Biometrics, and more) with your business application to build a better secure login experience for your customers

Integrate with any application

Integrate any web, mobile, legacy, or homegrown application to systems that enable CRM, data management, consent management, and more to embed identity into the entire customer experience

What users are saying about Asgardeo

The Asgardeo difference

Unlock the full capabilities of Asgardeo


Manage all business stakeholders from a single pane of glass

We provide first-class support to manage customers, employees, and collaborators managed from Asgardeo sources or from multiple external sources.

Script and debug login flow from the IDE

IDE integration to develop and extend, easily debug, and leverage GitOps capabilities.

Bridge any identity source with any application

Developers can easily integrate identity sources adhering to various protocols and standards (OIDC, SAML, WS-Fed, Ldap, AD, RDBMS, etc.) with applications adhering to heterogeneous standards and protocols.

Easily integrate common login and access management use cases

Pick and engage templates for the most common login and access use cases with minimal inputs and engage them for any application.

Take Asgardeo for a spin!

Add authentication to your application in minutes

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