Manage, integrate, secure, and analyze IoT and mobile devices and applications


WSO2 IoT Server enables device manufacturers and enterprises to connect and manage their devices, manage apps, secure devices and data, and visualize sensor data in a scalable manner. It also offers a complete and secure enterprise mobility management (EMM/MDM) solution.

Mobile device and app management

Implement self-service device enrollment and management for iOS, Android and Windows devices

Provide policy-driven device management by enabling compliance monitoring for applied policies, role-based access control

Provision/de-provision apps to multiple enrolled devices per user and to enrolled devices based on roles

Adopt managed APIs to perform administrative functions

Enterprise IoT solutions

Seamlessly integrate Android-powered devices or connect other devices with plug-ins

Leverage built-in support for IoT protocols and incorporate edge intelligence via embedded complex event processing

Build advanced industrial IoT solutions with seamless integration and advanced analytics

Connect and manage enterprise assets digitally, enable API-based integration to devices

Device CloudBETA

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