On Demand Webinars

On-Demand Webinars

Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)

This webinar will discuss the key architecture goals of SOA ( Service Oriented Architecture) and how it can benefit business efficiencies

BIM to Common Data Environment: Next-Generation Asset Data Integration Platform Developed on WSO2 Middleware Platform

This webinar will focus on how Mitra has leveraged the WSO2 platform and launched the revolutionary BIMaaS (BIM as a Service) platform – a lightweight, robust & scalable platform that can create a sophisticated common data environment.

Successful Industrial IoT Patterns

In this webinar, John Mathon will share insights into how enterprise organizations are extending their architecture, DevOps processes, and security policies to overcome today's IoT and M2M challenges and seize opportunity right now.

WSO2 API Platform: Vision and Roadmap

This webinar will discuss the WSO2 API Platform capabilities and advantages along with visionary platform use cases and customer success stories

WSO2 Guest Webinar: How WSO2 API Manager Helps to Open Quby's Smart Thermostat and Energy Monitor to Developers

This webinar will discuss the new version of WSO2 API Manager, how Quby, a Dutch startup, made use of it to expose their APIs during a hackathon and their plans of opening up to a larger audience of developers using WSO2 API Manager 1.9.0.

WSO2 Integration Platform: Vision and Roadmap

This webinar will discuss the WSO2 Integration platform capabilities and its roadmap along with interesting customer use cases.

Using a Third Party Key Management System with WSO2 API Manager

This webinar will demonstrate the WSO2 API Manager plugged into a third party key management system (MITREid Connect) in compliance with OpenID connect 2.0 specification.

How APIs Can Be Secured in Mobile Environments

This webinar will discuss best practices for implementing mobile API security and what WSO2 API Manager provides for mobile developers.

Consumer to Data: Next-Generation Middleware and Cloud Platform for your Enterprise

This webinar will explain the motivation, design and capability of the WSO2 platform and will also look into customer examples and address how the platform is used in real life

Decoupling Key Management from WSO2 API Manager

This webinar will discuss how the new features of WSO2 API Manager 1.9.0 will allow users to manage OAuth clients and govern them using policies among other things.

Extending Mediation Flow in WSO2 API Manager

This webinar will discuss the mediation extension capabilities of WSO2 API Manager

Analytics in Action

This webinar will discuss how batch, real-time, predictive, and interactive analytics tools and technologies are put to good use in the world of business, sports and geo-fencing

Real-Time Analytics: From Data to Actions in Milliseconds

This webinar will focus on building solutions that cater to low-latency, high-volume requirements that support high availability and scalability.

A Economia das APIs Privadas

Nesse Webinar, Edgar Silva, Vice-Presidente e Country Manager para WSO2 no Brasil, irá abordar como as APIs mudam a forma que as empresas estão aproveitando do uso de APIs Privadas, não só como ponto de inovação digital, mas também para melhorar visualização de consumo de recursos, reusabilidade e mais importante: permitir que as empresas estejam prontas para inovação.

Predictive Analytics: From Data to Foresight

This session will discuss an overview of predictive analysis and will also give an introduction to machine learning

WSO2 Guest Webinar: Building Enterprise Awareness with API Analytics in the API Economy

In this webinar Nuwan Dias, technical lead at WSO2, and Kin Lane, API evangelist, will discuss how enterprises use the latest approaches to API management to increase awareness of their own operations as well as of the industry that they operate within.

Batch and Interactive Analytics: From Data to Insight

This webinar will discuss how to use Apache Spark with a distributed indexing mechanism and how to achieve great functionality and flexibility in data analytics

Building APIs From Scratch with WSO2 API Manager

This webinar will discuss best practices and tools that can help you design and develop APIs

Introduction to Data Science and Analytics

This session will be an introduction to WSO2 Summer School webinar series and will explore analytics under four themes of hindsight, oversight, insight and foresight

App Lifecycle Management with WSO2 App Manager for Hassle-Free Onboarding

This webinar will discuss the relationship between the application life cycle states and the user roles in WSO2 App Manager

APIs that Change Lifestyles

APIs are changing the world around you, and this webinar shows you the benefits of having the right infrastructure to host and manage your APIs in order to make the best out of what your organization has to offer.

Run Your Own Mobile App Store with WSO2 App Manager

An introduction to WSO2 App Manager, it’s features, and how you can host Android, iOS and mobile web apps. The webinar also covers managing app lifecycles, and creating your own app store for your customers and employees.

WSO2 Guest Webinar: How to Manage APIs in your Enterprise for Maximum Reusability and Governance

Learn how you can face API management and governance challenges within your API ecosystem head on with the WSO2 API Manager and WSO2 Governance Registry.

WSO2 Product Release Webinar - WSO2 API Manager 1.9

This webinar introduces the latest release of WSO2 API Manager 1.9.0 with a new set of features that enhances its API design capabilities.

Securing the Unsecured: Using SSO and XACML to Protect Your Web Apps

Learn how to secure and implement SSO between web applications, and use XACML policies for fine-grained security in web application resources.

Exposing Business Functionalities with SOA, Integration and API Management

This webinar will focus on how WSO2 Data Services Server, WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus and WSO2 API Manager can help you expose your data in a manageable, scalable and profitable way

WSO2 Guest Webinar: Enabling a Connected Business with WSO2 Middleware

This webinar will demonstrate how open source technologies can help you overcome challenges of becoming a connected business and how you can take advantage of opportunities of the digital age.