On Demand Webinars

On-Demand Webinars

WSO2 Guest Webinar: How to Manage APIs in your Enterprise for Maximum Reusability and Governance

Learn how you can face API management and governance challenges within your API ecosystem head on with the WSO2 API Manager and WSO2 Governance Registry.

WSO2 Product Release Webinar - WSO2 API Manager 1.9

This webinar introduces the latest release of WSO2 API Manager 1.9.0 with a new set of features that enhances its API design capabilities.

Securing the Unsecured: Using SSO and XACML to Protect Your Web Apps

Learn how to secure and implement SSO between web applications, and use XACML policies for fine-grained security in web application resources.

Exposing Business Functionalities with SOA, Integration and API Management

This webinar will focus on how WSO2 Data Services Server, WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus and WSO2 API Manager can help you expose your data in a manageable, scalable and profitable way

WSO2 Guest Webinar: Enabling a Connected Business with WSO2 Middleware

This webinar will demonstrate how open source technologies can help you overcome challenges of becoming a connected business and how you can take advantage of opportunities of the digital age.

WSO2 App Manager: Your One-Stop Shop for App Management Solutions

This webinar will discuss the core capabilities of WSO2 App Manager, and how it provides a unique one-stop store app management solution.

Gestión de Identidades y Control de Acceso en los Servicios usando WSO2 Identity Server

En esta sesión exploraremos las diferentes estrategias para aplicar seguridad (Autenticación, Autorización y SSO) sobre las Aplicaciones de Negocio, Servicios y/o API, conoceremos las funcionalidades de WSO2 IS para resolver todos y cada uno de estos desafíos, conoceremos cómo desde WSO2 ESB y WSO2 API Manager aplicar aspectos de QoS y Poíticas Seguridad.

Private, Managed, Public - All Things WSO2 Cloud

Dmitry Sotnikov and Chris Haddad will describe and demonstrate market leading WSO2 Cloud platform capabilities, Cloud roadmaps, and how to choose the correct environment.

Envisioning the Future Enterprise

This webinar will focus on the evolution of a new technology platform. It will discuss the role of the micro services, API management and big data in the future enterprise.

How to Secure Your Enterprise Services with WSO2 ESB

This webinar will discuss common security patterns that be used with WSO2 ESB and how to achieve message level security by using policy-based approach with Apache Rampart.

Resilient Enterprise Messaging with WSO2 ESB

This webinar will discuss how you can achieve resilient enterprise messaging with the world class WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus and WSO2 Message Broker.

Mobile First Strategy - A Game-Changing Opportunity for Your Enterprise

In this webinar, Shanmugarajah Sinnathamby, director - mobile architecture at WSO2, will discuss the mobile first strategy with steps to create mobile first strategy and benefits for your enterprise.

Exploring Data Integration Capabilities of the WSO2 Platform

This webinar will explain how the WSO2 platform can help you expose your enterprise data for integration across various disparate systems.

PaaS for the New Cloud Era

In this session, Asanka Abeysinghe, VP of solutions architecture at WSO2, will explain how WSO2 Cloud technologies can leverage to meet business and technical demand.

Connected Identity: Benefits, Risks & Challenges

This talk will present benefits, risks and challenges in a connected identity ​environment.

Mitra Innovation Leverages WSO2's Open Source Middleware to Build BIM Exchange Platform

This webinar will discuss how Mitra Innovation built a Building Information Modelling (BIM) Exchange using open source products that includes the WSO2 middleware platform.

Lessons from the Trenches: Building an API-Centric Architecture

In this webinar, we will look at some of our customers’ enterprise deployments and share best practices/recommendations to take into account when you build an API-centric architecture, especially for security, monitoring, and performance.

Connecting Everything - API's and PaaS

This session will explore open source approaches to APIs and PaaS and how to create new digital connected ecosystems. We will look at organizations who've done this: how, why, and what the results are, and on WSO2 technology which can help go the API and PaaS route in your organization.

API Management Platform Technical Evaluation Framework

Chris Haddad, vice president - technology evangelism at WSO2, will describe innovative digital business goals, outlines transformative API oriented IT initiatives, and presents API Management platform requirement categories.

From Shadow IT to Empowered IT: Unshackling Your Developers’ Creativity!

In this session, Asanka Abeysinghe, VP of solutions architecture at WSO2, will present how enterprises can leverage cloud-enabled ALM frameworks to build, manage, and govern empowered IT.