Analyze data in motion to gain the business intelligence you need for digital transformation


WSO2 Data Analytics Server is a powerful open source analytics product that analyzes data streams in real time. It allows you to understand events, map their impacts, identify patterns and react within milliseconds.

Process millions of events in real-time

Set up highly scalable and efficient real-time analysis systems with alerts and event responses that can kick in within milliseconds of detection.

Connect and integrate with anything

Work out of the box with popular data formats and transport protocols and connect to over 100 legacy and cloud services with connectors.

An easier way of writing analyses

Write analysis logic in Siddhi, a specialized, easy-to-use, SQL-like language that allows you to focus on the analysis and construct complex queries.

Create solutions for operational management

Use built-in dashboard tools, the ability to record events, and the ability to track operational metrics to create powerful visualizations for monitoring and management.

Examine the past, present and future

Utilize batch analytics for historical analysis, interactive analysis for running complex queries across multiple datasets, and import machine learning models for predictive analysis.

Deploy analytics on the edge

IoT constructs generate massive amounts of data, requiring analysis and filtering at the gateway level. Leverage WSO2 Data Analytics Server's lightweight nature to power efficient IoT deployments.