WSO2 Subscription

  • Get the most from your WSO2 product
  • Remain reliable and secure
  • Leverage WSO2’s expert team

Critical enterprise projects need enterprise-grade support.

A WSO2 Subscription gives you direct access to world-class experts fluent in the WSO2 platform as well as on enterprise architecture. Our services provide solid architectural and operational guidance, accelerate your development schedule, offer quick response times during critical situations, supply updates, and help maintain the security of your deployment.

  • 24x7 expert incident-level WSO2 Support with aggressive response and resolution times.
  • Priority support option with on- or off-site dedicated Technical Account Manager.
  • Assistance with product usage, development, migration, tuning, and best practices.
  • Access to WSO2 Update service, which provides continuous access to product improvements bug fixes, and performance enhancements.
  • WSO2 Cloud hosting at no extra charge, with a 99.9% uptime SLA and an automatically scaling, instant access, fully managed deployment.
  • WSO2 Managed Cloud dedicated hosting with a customized, dedicated deployment of any combination of WSO2 products.
  • Straightfoward core-based, container-friendly pricing covers deployment of any of WSO2’s primary products.
  • Training and consulting services.

Choose WSO2 as your strategic partner for success throughout the project lifecycle.


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WSO2 Subscription adds value to WSO2’s open source products.

WSO2 Subscription Model
Open Source WSO2 Subscription
WSO2 Products
Apache 2.0 license
Complete WSO2 platform
Advanced enterprise features
Upgrades (periodic major and minor version releases)
Apache Way community process
  • Open development model
  • Transparent planning process
  • Public feedback channels
  • Open development model
  • Transparent planning process
  • Public feedback channels
Commercial license option
Updates & Maintenance
Updates Continuous access to product improvements, bug fixes, security updates and performance enhancements that can be used in production.
Security updates
  • Publicly posted on website after a buffer period
Private security bulletins
Developer support Advice on and assistance with product usage, development or migration, product tuning, and best practices.
  • Private support channel
  • 1 business day SLA
  • Direct interaction with WSO2’s product engineers
  • Generous hourly entitlement proportional to total subscription fees
Production support Expert support and reactive maintenance with aggressive response and resolution times.
  • Unlimited incidents
  • 24x7x365
  • Severity-based SLA
  • 1 hour max response time on high severity incidents
  • Fix development and delivery
  • 10 year long-term support commitment
Technical Account Manager option
  • Named elite support contact
  • Priority support queue during working hours in your timezone
  • Onsite option
  • Unlimited query support option
Deployment options
Public cloud hosting
  • 99.9% uptime SLA
  • Auto-scaling, deployment of updates
  • Most WSO2 products supported
WSO2 Managed Cloud option Eliminate operational hassle and increase your infrastructure reliability and performance with our managed cloud offering.
  • Any combination of WSO2 products
  • Private dedicated VMs
  • Choice of IaaS provider
  • Choice of region(s)
  • Comprehensive setup included
  • VPN setup to your data center
  • 24x7 monitoring and proactive response
  • 15 min max response time on hosting incidents
  • Update deployment schedule
  • Backups and DR
Add-ons & additional services
Self-paced online training
On-site training A broad array of on-site courses that inspire confidence and helps you become an expert in no time.
WSO2 QuickStart Helps you jumpstart an evaluation or proof of concept in just 5 days by working with two onsite expert consultants.
Architecture consulting and reviews
Development consulting
Operational consulting
Migration consulting
Sponsored development

Special terms are available for OEM partners.

WSO2 Support

Our support team entirely includes “L3” engineers - developers and permanent support staff skilled in the inner workings of all things WSO2. You can be sure your queries are handled by experts from the start, without escalation. Our support engineers are globally distributed to operate on a 24x7x365 basis with an enterprise-grade SLA.

Achieving the highest quality support is key to our success under an open source business model. We constantly strive to provide the most effective support experience possible to our customers.

See how we support our customers that today extend over 50 countries across the world.



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