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Support for us means helping you to get the most out of your deployments. Our commitment to customer success is paramount.
We follow a rigorous process with constant monitoring of issues and tracking quality of responses.
For us its not about providing an answer but the answer, giving you full value for money.

From project evaluation and inception to development and going into production, WSO2 is your partner in ensuring 100% project success. See here for more about how we support our customers that today extend over 30 countries across the world

WSO2 Subscription Pricing

Production Support Subscription Community Support
Enterprise features ?

WSO2 only offers a full enterprise version. There are no proprietary license terms or extra charges for “enterprise features.” Isn’t that what open source is all about?

Included Included
Product License Apache 2.0 Apache 2.0
Annual Price Per Instance ?

an instance is a single production JVM in any environment – no complicated core or PVU calculations. Nodes not in active production – hot standby, warm standby, cold standby are all free. Development, test, QA, nodes have no subscription fees, and are supported with a Development Support package.

Product Name USD Price GBP Price EUR Price CAD Price
WSO2 API Manager $ 10,000 £ 6,800 € 9,400 CAD 12,800
WSO2 App Manager $ 10,000 £ 6,800 € 9,400 CAD 12,800
WSO2 Application Server $ 5,000 £ 3,400 € 4,700 CAD 6,400
WSO2 Business Activity Monitor $ 10,000 £ 6,800 € 9,400 CAD 12,800
WSO2 Business Process Server $ 15,000 £ 10,100 € 14,200 CAD 19,200
WSO2 Business Rules Server $ 15,000 £ 10,100 € 14,200 CAD 19,200
WSO2 Cloud Gateway $ 10,000 £ 6,800 € 9,400 CAD 12,800
WSO2 Complex Event Processor $ 25,000 £ 16,900 € 23,600 CAD 31,900
WSO2 Data Services Server $ 10,000 £ 6,800 € 9,400 CAD 12,800
WSO2 Enterprise Mobility Manager $ 20,000 £ 13,500 € 18,900 CAD 25,600
WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus $ 10,000 £ 6,800 € 9,400 CAD 12,800
WSO2 Enterprise Store $ 20,000 £ 13,500 € 18,900 CAD 25,600
WSO2 Governance Registry $ 25,000 £ 16,900 € 23,600 CAD 31,900
WSO2 Identity Server $ 20,000 £ 13,500 € 18,900 CAD 25,600
WSO2 Message Broker $ 10,000 £ 6,800 € 9,400 CAD 12,800
WSO2 Storage Server $ 10,000 £ 6,800 € 9,400 CAD 12,800
WSO2 User Engagement Server $ 10,000 £ 6,800 € 9,400 CAD 12,800
WSO2 App Factory Base Fee $ 100,000 £ 68,000 € 94,000 CAD 128,000
WSO2 App Factory (per User) $ 1,500 £ 1,000 € 1,400 CAD 1,900
WSO2 PaaS Medium $ 100,000 £ 68,000 € 94,000 CAD 128,000
WSO2 PaaS Large $ 200,000 £ 135,000 € 189,000 CAD 256,000

Additional WSO2 and third party products AFQ
WSO2 Cloud Subscriptions

Free public forum on Stack Overflow, use tag “WSO2”
Elastic (hourly) pricing Available with WSO2 PaaS (contact us for quote). n/a
Additional Services Available – Contact us for a consultation and quotation. Public or Private Certification Courses
Volume discounts available Yes n/a
Evaluation support ?

Limited pre-purchase assistance with architecture design, RFI completion, Proof of Concept implementations.]

Free n/a
Support channels Online support portal, phone Stack Overflow
Support SLA ?

contact us for a copy of the complete Support Policy.

24x7x365 none
Response Time for Critical Issues 1 hr n/a
Production incident or inquiry limits None n/a
Patches and Service Packs Included Critical security patches only
Roadmap influence New feature roadmap is driven by customer requests Join design discussions on our open mailing lists at

Community Support

To ask technical/programming related questions, we encourage our users to ask them via the excellent Stack Overflow site. Just tag your question with "WSO2". We will make a best-effort attempt at answering all the questions. There are also various non-WSO2 folks (including fellow users) who will help you along in Stack Overflow.

You can also join design discussions on our open mailing lists at

Evaluation Support

Evaluation Support is designed to help customers in the early stages of middleware projects. Especially when there are advanced technology challenges to be met, we offer:

  • Guidance in technology selection, product selection/evaluation and migration/integration strategies.
  • Middleware architecture consulting
  • Developing Requests For Information/Proposal (RFI/RFP)
  • Proof of Concept implementations
  • For qualified customers we offer some or all of these services free of charge


A QuickStart is a rapid ramp-up program that brings world class expert developers and architects on-site to work collaboratively with your team. A QuickStart includes:

  • Preparation for the QuickStart by working with you to define clear and practical objectives, based on your project needs and level of expertise.
  • Two experienced consultants for a one-week on-site engagement.
  • Design and architect a middleware solution for your application.
  • Hands-on training on the WSO2 product platform to broaden expertise in your team.
  • Develop prototype or proof-of-concept code for customer scenarios.
  • Assess and prepare your project for production deployment.
  • Follow-up Development Support.

Development Support

Development Support provides ongoing support during the development phases of your project, including:

  • Answering questions on any of our products and technologies.
  • Assistance with product tuning for performance, security and other needs.
  • Assisting with development of proofs-of-concept.
  • Access to selected pre-production patches.
  • Confidential forum with guaranteed response times.

Quarterly Architecture Review

Quarterly Architecture Review brings a WSO2 Architect on-site for four 2-day on-site consulting engagements over the course of the year, to maintain your projects on an optimal path and support your adoption of the WSO2 platform as part of your continuous improvement and pursuit of excellence.

Production Support

Production Support is designed to guarantee that our middleware infrastructure enables your mission critical applications to be available 24x7x365. Our Production Support customers are provided with: Latest feature upgrades, product patches and service packs.

  • Regular technology briefings and guiding your evolution of our enterprise middleware platform.
  • Maintenance of the particular version for up to 3 years from the initial release

Professional Services

While you may have a great development team, augmenting your resources with WSO2 experts is sure to lead to success. We have extensive experience in helping build solid architectural foundations for a wide variety of enterprise projects more quickly, more reliably, more smoothly, and thus more cost effectively.

Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services are designed to help customers both in the early stages of projects, and when there are advanced challenges to meet. Our expert consultants can be engaged either on-site or off-site, and provide a wide range of services including:

  • Customized training on topics from SOA practices through to WSO2 product selection and use.
  • Practical advice on product selection.
  • Configuration, tuning, deployment, and expert mentoring for your team on the WSO2 platform.
  • Working side-by-side to augment your team for a limited period to accomplish your goals with maximum efficiency.

Development Services

WSO2 provides high-quality development services for customers requiring an augmented team during the course of a project spanning a minimum of one month. WSO2 supplies qualified Engineer(s) dedicated to the customer project and acting as a virtual team member, whether on-site or off-site, for the term of the project.

Development Services are only offered to customers under or committed to Production Support.

Custom Development and Open Source Sponsorship

Need a feature? Consider cost-effective Custom Development Services from WSO2. Custom Development services include building configurations, extensions, connectors, or other features on top of the WSO2 platform.

For certain features that can be usefully committed back to an Open Source project and thus shared productively with other customers, we offer a 50% Open Source discount.

Managed Cloud

Love our products and need to get them as a service? We will be happy to run them for you in our Managed Cloud with guaranteed SLA:

  • Available for any combination of WSO2 products
  • Run in the region of your choice on dedicated virtual machines not shared with any other customers
  • WSO2 engineers set up the environment including the virtual machines, WSO2 products, and networking
  • Can be set up to have network connectivity with your on-premise datacenter
  • Deployment can be customized for your specific needs
  • Can be combined with professional services including consultancy, development, and QuickStart
  • Includes full devops service including 24*7 monitoring, regular backups, and product updates
  • Priced as a fixed monthly fee
  • Guaranteed service level: