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At WSO2 we not only reinvent enterprise middleware but also reinvent how enterprise support is extended to our customers. Support is not just about providing more code functionality, more docs, or simply customizations. Support for us means helping you to get the most out of your deployments.

SupportOur commitment to customer success is paramount. We follow a rigorous process with constant monitoring of issues and tracking quality of responses as well. For us its not about providing an answer but the answer, giving you full value for money. We go the extra mile to meet our SLA obligations at all times and have not disappointed a customer yet.

Our menu of offerings allows us to customize a package to your budget and needs as they evolve throughout the lifetime of the project. From project evaluation and inception to development and going into production, WSO2 is your partner in ensuring 100% project success.

No Support Engineers

Engineers Lifecycle

We all know the stereotype of tech support – a junior engineer on the phone asking you to reset the system. That’s not the kind of support we’d feel good about providing.No Support Engineers

We say no to regular support engineers and instead have engineers who work with the products, do R+D, battle test the system for real-world enterprise applications and get involved in pre-sales and marketing. They spend ample time with the products and you, to provide the best possible solution for your individual needs.

Their experience being in the forefront of the technology they help to build, ensures you get the best possible person addressing your problems. Our engineers live by the mantra “We build it, we support it, we manage it, we improve it.”

What our customers say...

  • “WSO2's QuickStart was the best such program we have had with any vendor. The expertise of the team was incredible and they had all the answers at their fingertips. We were very impressed. Amazing!”

    - Igor Berchtold, Senior Integration Architect, SUVA
  • Why WSO2 is the best choice for enterprise middleware

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Community Support

As the ex-CEO of MySQL Marten Mickos once said, some people have money and others have time. If you have time and want to save your money you may be interested in our community support program. If you have money and want to save time then you will be interested in our other support programs.


To ask technical/programming related questions, we encourage our users to ask them via the excellent Stack Overflow site. Just tag your question with "WSO2". We will make a best-effort attempt at answering all the questions. There are also various non-WSO2 folks (including fellow users) who will help you along in Stack Overflow.

Evaluation Support

Evaluation Support is designed to help customers in the early stages of middleware projects, especially when there are advanced technology challenges to be met. Our experts can guide you in technology selection, product selection/evaluation and migration/integration strategies.

Many of our customers have used our evaluation support to successfully establish and build a solid foundation for enterprise middleware. We offer help with:

  • Middleware architecture consulting
  • Developing Requests For Information/Proposal (RFI/RFP)
  • Proof of Concept implementations

For qualified customers we offer some or all of these services free of charge.


The QuickStart is a rapid ramp-up program that brings world class expert developers and architects on-site to work collaboratively with your team. Customized to your level of expertise, you can now jump start your project or proof of concept effectively through the flexible combination of on-site training, consulting and development.

In just one short week the QuickStart program typically will:

  • Design and architect a middleware solution for your application.
  • Provide hands-on training on the WSO2 product platform to broaden expertise in your team.
  • Develop prototype or proof-of-concept code for customer scenarios.
  • Assess and prepare your project for production deployment.

We precede the on-site engagement by working with you to define clear and practical objectives. While two experienced consultants will be on-site, one off-site consultant will also be available promoting agility and helping the QuickStart team to fine-tune the program and respond to the unexpected once on-site. QuickStart sessions are designed to accommodate up to 15 participants and also includes follow-up support with a period of online Development Support.

QuickStarts have proven so effective at incubating successful WSO2 technology deployments and long-term customer relationships that for new customers we have introduced a special discounted rate for the on-site engagement.

Development Support

Our Development Support offering is designed to provide ongoing support following a QuickStart or Consulting engagement, and to help customers during the development phases of their SOA projects.

  • “WSO2 support quality and timing was impressive! Please pass my words of appreciation to the support/development teams!”

    - Olek Shestakov, Director of Engineering, DIVArchive Family of Products, Front Porch Digital Inc

We  help migrate, integrate, optimize, and manage your enterprise middleware deployments by providing a direct channel between your engineering teams and our experts during these critical development stages. We dramatically minimize lag times between development and production.

WSO2's support engineers are the same engineers who develop the open source projects that comprise our products – thus customers are effectively getting direct access to the “masters” of the software they are using.

Some of the services that our customers value include:

  • Answering questions on any of our products and technologies, in a confidential forum with guaranteed response times.
  • Assistance with product tuning for performance, security and other needs.
  • Developing proof-of-concept implementations.
  • Access to selected pre-production patches.
  • Unlimited WSO2 Carbon Studio Support, including assistance, issue resolution, and development and delivery of patches and service packs against the currently released version.

Development Support leverages our open development methodology to bring world class expert developers and architects to directly assist your engineering team during development.

Production Support

Production Support is designed to guarantee that our middleware infrastructure enables your mission critical applications to be available 24x7x365. Our Production Support customers are provided with the latest feature upgrades, product patches and service packs.

  • “We’ve been very pleased with WSO2 support, which is responsive, knowledgeable, and straightforward. Every problem we had, received a suitable patch or workaround. I think WSO2’s technical direction is solid.”

    - Craig Riecke - Software Architect, CXtec

Consistent with our customer driven approach, we strive to become your trusted and valued technology partner. In addition to providing ongoing maintenance and support on the products themselves, we provide regular technology briefings and actively solicit your participation in guiding the evolution of our enterprise middleware platform.

For production customers, we commit to maintaining a particular version of the software that the customer is using for up to 3 years from the initial release of the software. Volume discounts are offered to customers who are buying Production Support for multiple servers or adapters at the same time (adapters counted separately)

The production support fee schedule is one of the simplest in the industry, and is applicable to both traditional and virtualized environments, and scales cleanly proportional to the value the platform provides, either in scaling up volume of a particular solution or in scaling out to a broad set of platform capabilities.

Professional Services

While you may have a great development team, augmenting your resources with WSO2 experts is sure to lead to success. We have extensive experience in helping build solid architectural foundations for a wide variety of enterprise projects more quickly, more reliably, more smoothly, and thus more cost effectively.

  • “Many thanks to you and your team for the successful outcome to the prototype for our new product. Your team gave us great confidence in the WSO2 product, the organisation and it’s people.”

    - Mike Collier, Technical Director - Cegedim RX

Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services are designed to help customers both in the early stages of projects, and when
there are advanced challenges to meet.

WSO2 consultants are experienced industry veterans who have been instrumental in designing and implementing many of the key Web services and SOA technologies. They are also active contributors to Apache Software Foundation and other open source projects in these areas.

Our expert consultants can be engaged either on-site or off-site, and provide a wide range of services including:

  • Customized training on topics from SOA practices through to WSO2 product selection and use.
  • Practical advice on product selection.
  • Configuration, tuning, deployment, and expert mentoring for your team on the WSO2 platform.
  • Working side-by-side to augment your team for a limited period to accomplish your goals with maximum efficiency.

Development Services

WSO2 provides high-quality development services for customers requiring an augmented team during the course of a project spanning a minimum of one month. WSO2 supplies qualified Engineer(s) dedicated to the customer project and acting as a virtual team member, whether on-site or off-site, for the term of the project.

Development Services are only offered to customers under or committed to Production Support.

Custom Development and Open Source Sponsorship

Need a feature? Consider cost-effective Custom Development Services from WSO2. Custom Development services include building configurations, extensions, connectors, or other features on top of the WSO2 platform.

For certain features that can be usefully committed back to an Open Source project and thus shared productively with other customers, we offer a 50% Open Source discount.

Managed Cloud

Love our products and need to get them as a service? We will be happy to run them for you in our Managed Cloud with guaranteed SLA:

  • Available for any combination of WSO2 products
  • Run in the region of your choice on dedicated virtual machines not shared with any other customers
  • WSO2 engineers set up the environment including the virtual machines, WSO2 products, and networking
  • Can be set up to have network connectivity with your on-premise datacenter
  • Deployment can be customized for your specific needs
  • Can be combined with professional services including consultancy, development, and QuickStart
  • Includes full devops service including 24*7 monitoring, regular backups, and product updates
  • Priced as a fixed monthly fee
  • Guaranteed service level:

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