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Easily and securely expose APIs with WSO2 API Manager

Easily and securely expose APIs to both internal and external consumers

Implement industry-standard authorization flows — such as OAuth, OpenID Connect, and JWTs — out of the box and integrate with your existing identity access or key management tools.

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Easily expose APIs with WSO2 API Manager

Enable design and runtime governance for the entire lifecycle of your APIs

Build APIs from existing services, manage APIs from internally built applications and from third-party providers, and monitor their usage and performance from inception to retirement.

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Enable design and runtime governance with WSO2 API Manager
Enable design and runtime governance
Provide enhanced API security and policy with WSO2 API Manager

Get business insights and intelligence through APIs

Provide real-time access to API usage and performance statistics to decision-makers to optimize your developer support, continuously improve your services, and drive further adoption to reach your business goals.

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Provide enhanced API security and policy

Flexible deployment models adapt to your infrastructure while keeping service discovery seamless for developers

Deploy in the cloud, your private data centers, or anywhere in between. By cataloging your services in a single location, developers can easily find what they need to build their applications. You can also embed WSO2 API Manager within your own SaaS or on-premises solution for redistribution.

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Monetize your digital assets with WSO2 API Manager
Monetize your digital assets
Get business insights and intelligence with WSO2 API Manager

Support modern services including REST, GraphQL, and AsyncAPI, and integrate your API workflows with your CI/CD pipeline

Strategically adopt modern service delivery and development paradigms without leaving behind the legacy systems that made you successful in the first place.

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Get business insights and intelligence

Advanced integration support

The integration runtime supports creating composite microservices, service and API hosting needs, message routing, transformation, message mediation, service orchestration, as well as consuming and processing streaming data.

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Microservices, Containers, and Beyond with WSO2 API Manager
Microservices, Containers, and Beyond
Get business insights and intelligence with WSO2 API Manager

Dynamic graphical and CLI tooling

WSO2 provides total support for API development, empowering you to easily create, manage, and publish APIs. Simplify the integration process as you visually design, develop, debug, test, and deploy integration flows. Additionally, our solution equips you with a complete set of commands to efficiently manage API gateways and micro integrator runtimes.

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Get business insights and intelligence


Open source values; professional support

Open source values; professional support

Complete code transparency with community-driven features and support, with enhanced professional support, provided through our WSO2 Subscription service.

Open standards and best practices

Open standards and best practices

Natively supports open API specifications to help you easily implement industry-standard API management best practices, including end-to-end security, usage monitoring and analytics, and complete lifecycle management.

Easy integration and API management

Easy integration and API management

Adopt an API-first approach without months of refactoring and developer effort. Seamlessly integrate existing services and manage them as APIs from one location with flexible deployment options.

Track API changes

Track API changes

Maintain a complete history of changes to your APIs for audits and provide a superior customer experience. Easily roll back to stable versions as needed.

Leverage event-driven patterns

Leverage event-driven patterns

Enable streaming integration and expose as managed API endpoints to take advantage of responsive architectures. Deliver real-time streaming data as APIs.

Clear value

Clear value

Transparent pricing and a flexible commercial model to fit your business strategy while reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO).

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Industry Recognition

Industry Recognition

G2 Summer 2023 Award Winner

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2023 Customers’ Choice

in Gartner® Peer Insights™ Voice of the Customer for Full Life Cycle API Management

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WSO2 Recognized
in Two New Gartner Reports

for Full Life Cycle API Management

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WSO2 Named
A Strong Performer

The Forrester Wave: API Management Solutions, Q3 2022

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Here’s What Our Customers Say About us…

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WSO2 has a wide technology platform so you can find the right answer to every part of your problem.

Raffaello Leschiera,
Solutions Architect,
Engineering Ingegneria Informatica
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WSO2’s lightweight, highly configurable, and stable products - which are incidentally also easy to learn - have made a major contribution to the project’s success. Finally, the team at WSO2 was quick to respond to any queries and support issues.

Soksophay Lim,

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WSO2 products provide us with high performance, high availability, and better configurability.

Harshavardhan Gadham Mohanraj, Technical Lead,

A Glimpse of Why Users Love WSO2 API Manager

A Glimpse of Why Users Love WSO2 API Manager

WSO2 Subscription

The easiest way to deploy WSO2 API Manager is to let us take care of the details with a private cloud deployment.
Or, you can deploy and manage it yourself with the help of a WSO2 Subscription, which provides a full range of enterprise-level benefits, including

Production Usage

Deploy and use the commercial version of WSO2 API Manager in your production environment.

Supported Distribution

Download options like Docker, Puppet, and Ansible.


Subscribe for product improvements, bug fixes, and performance enhancements.


Speak to experts to keep you on track.


Review documentation to guide you through migration.


Access optional services like architecture, configuration reviews, plus much more.

An unsupported open source distribution is available to build on your own. Download it through GitHub, and access support through our Discord community.

For more information, please check out our subscription page.

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