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WSO2 API Manager is a market-leading full lifecycle API management platform for building, integrating, securing, and exposing an enterprise's digital services as managed APIs in cloud, on-premises, and hybrid architectures. Fast-track your API strategy with all the capabilities needed by API designers, product managers, operations, and consumers.


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WSO2 Customer Logos

Your API Management Needs, Simplified and Optimized

From simple scenarios to comprehensive protocol support, WSO2 API Manager can handle it all. Use industry standards or extend our platform to integrate with your existing business needs, applications, and architectures. Tailor it to your exact use case, whether that means customizing the user interface, mediation, security, or integrating third-party solutions.

Your API Management Needs, Simplified and Optimized

Interoperability with Open Standards

Achieve seamless interoperability between diverse systems without vendor lock-in, utilizing modern approaches with REST, GraphQL, and AsyncAPIs. Unlock collaborative innovation, long-term sustainability, enhanced security, and regulatory compliance. Strategically adopt modern service delivery and development paradigms without leaving behind the legacy systems that made you successful in the first place.

Advanced Integration Support

The integration runtime supports creating composite microservices, message routing, transformation, message mediation, service orchestration, as well as consuming and processing streaming data.

Extensibility and Customizability to Fit Your Business Needs

WSO2 API Manager is a versatile and adaptable platform, capable of catering to the requirements of enterprises of all sizes, ranging from emerging startups to well-established businesses with decades of history. It presents user-friendly extension opportunities to tailor authenticators, policies, mediations, API lifecycles, workflows, portals, and login pages to your specific needs.

Enhancing Deployments and Security

API security is critical to protecting any digital business, its customers, and its partners. With its robust security features, extensive compliance support, and flexible deployment options, WSO2 API Manager can help you to protect your APIs and your business.

Enhancing Deployments and Security

Security for the Future

Essential security features like OAuth access control, fine-grained security policies, and threat protection mechanisms ensure secure API access. Extend the platform to easily work with advanced security, authentication, and identity management.

Extensive Compliance Support

Pre-built open source extensions and connectors allow organizations to deliver compliant solutions for any regulated environment like healthcare (FHIR, HL7) and finance (FAPI, Open Banking, Open Finance).

Flexible Deployment Models and Seamless Service Discovery for Developers

WSO2 API Manager can be deployed in the cloud, on-premises, or in a hybrid environment. This gives you the flexibility to choose the deployment option that best meets your needs. You can also embed it within your own SaaS or on-premises solution for redistribution.

A Robust and Reliable Foundation

WSO2 API Manager is a trusted and proven solution for managing APIs of all sizes and complexity. With a strong track record of success, the platform provides a solid foundation for your digital ecosystem.

A Robust and Reliable Foundation

A Proven Track Record

Fully open source with 12+ years of development and innovation. Our product is trusted for thousands of projects worldwide, including over 50 Fortune 500 companies and more than 130 government agencies across 39 countries to deliver critical national services.

Expert Support

Get rapid responses and support from professional engineers who have helped to build the product. We can also provide a dedicated technical account manager.

Quality and Security

Regular security scans maintain quality, ISO-certified company devices ensure data integrity, and rigorous testing by multiple teams minimize regression issues in each product release.

Search, Discover, and Test APIs with AI (Beta)

Our innovative AI-based API search transforms how you find and understand APIs, using natural language processing to deliver precise and context-aware results. This not only enhances productivity but also enriches the API discovery and testing experience (with AI-assisted test samples), making it more intuitive and user-friendly than ever before.

Search, Discover, and Test APIs with AI (Beta)

AI-Powered Search to Quickly Find the Right API

With intuitive natural language processing, you can search for APIs in your organization using plain language, making it easier than ever to find what you need. AI also analyzes your specific requirements and recommends the most relevant APIs, saving you time and effort.

Intelligent API Testing

Automating test sample generation with AI in WSO2 API Manager can significantly reduce manual work and save valuable time. AI can also identify the most efficient testing paths and use predictions to speed up the process. This means enhanced accuracy (as AI-generated samples minimize human error) and more reliable testing results.

Additional Benefits

Developers and testers can leverage APIs more effectively by enhancing API discovery and testing through improved AI-based search and automation. AI-powered streamlining not only reduces time and effort but also leads to higher-quality applications with fewer errors due to efficient testing. Ultimately, this translates to faster time to market and quicker product launches.

WSO2 API Manager Control Plane Supports APK Gateway

This integration positions WSO2 APK Gateway as a supported option within WSO2 API Manager, providing a flexible, scalable, and efficient pathway for managing your APIs in cloud environments. Benefit from the combined strengths of a robust API management platform and a streamlined cloud gateway to deploy, manage, and scale your APIs with greater ease.

WSO2 API Manager Control Plane Supports APK Gateway

Cut Costs

The lightweight and resource-efficient nature of WSO2 APK's Envoy-based framework minimizes infrastructure needs, leading to significant cost savings - especially in Kubernetes-native implementations.

Enhanced Scalability

Leverage Kubernetes' native features for dynamic workload management, ensuring your API infrastructure scales to meet your needs.

Streamlined Development

Developers can enjoy a streamlined development process with a container-friendly platform and all the essential API management features at their fingertips.

Innovate with Open Source Freedom

Being an open source solution, WSO2 API Manager offers extension freedom, enhanced security, rapid innovation, seamless integration, and long-term viability. It harnesses the power of a global user base, ensuring transparency that builds trust.

Innovate with Open Source Freedom

Transparency and Trust

The open, transparent codebase assures users of the product's quality and reliability. Anyone can examine the code logic and understand the implementation with confidence.

Rapid Evaluation Process

The full feature set is provided with the open source solution to try out or prototype use cases. This will speed up the evaluation and proof of concept (POC) implementation time.

Community-Driven Values

Leverage the open source community to solve problems, seek guidance, and adopt best practices. Access community discussion channels to easily find solutions.

Industry Recognition

Industry Recognition

WSO2 named a

In The Forrester Wave: API Management Software, Q3 2024

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G2 2024 Award Winner

WSO2 is recognized as a
Overall Leader

in the 2023 KuppingerCole API Security and Management Leadership Compass report

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WSO2 is a
2023 Customers’ Choice

in Gartner® Peer Insights™ Voice of the Customer for Full Life Cycle API Management

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WSO2 Named
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The Forrester Wave: API Management Solutions, Q3 2022

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WSO2 Subscription: Simplify Your Deployment

Deploy WSO2 API Manager effortlessly with our private cloud option. Alternatively, manage it yourself using a WSO2 Subscription, offering:

  • The commercial version of WSO2 API Manager for production.
  • Download options including Docker, Puppet, and Ansible.
  • Updates for enhancements, fixes, and performance boosts.
  • Expert support from professionals.
  • Documentation to guide you through migration.
  • Optional services like architecture and configurations reviews.

You can also explore our unsupported open source distribution for DIY building on GitHub and tap into assistance from our Discord community. For more details, visit our subscription page.

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