WSO2 API Manager is a complete solution for designing and publishing APIs, creating and managing a developer community, and for scalably routing API traffic. It leverages proven, production-ready integration, security, and governance components from the WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus, WSO2 Identity Server, and WSO2 Governance Registry. In addition, it leverages the WSO2 Business Activity Monitor for Big Data analytics, giving you instant insight into APIs behavior.

As with all WSO2 products, the WSO2 API Manager is 100% open source. Designed for easy customization, it is extensively pluggable to integrate with existing infrastructure in your enterprise.

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Create a simple API and publish to your web portal, WSO2 API Cloud Tutorial 1

This tutorial shows the process of creating and publishing an API, defining REST resources and HTTP verbs, setting throttling limits and other parameters.

Subscribe to API and invoke it, WSO2 API Cloud Tutorial 2

This tutorial talks you through how an API consumer comes to the API Store portal, reviews the published API, subscribes to it, generates OAuth authorization token, and invokes GET and POST methods from curl command-line utility.

Social features in WSO2 API Cloud, WSO2 API Cloud Tutorial 3

This tutorial shows how API subscribers can discuss APIs in forums, rate APIs, promote them via Twitter, Facebook, and Google+, embed into websites and blogs, and share them via email.

Adding API Documentation, WSO2 API Cloud Tutorial 4

This tutorial takes you through adding online documentation to API store: uploading existing documents as PDF, DOC, HTML, and other formats; linking to other online resources; and using embedded rich text editor and basic CMS to create new manuals.

Using REST Client to invoke APIs, WSO2 API Cloud Tutorial 5

This tutorial shows you how simple REST client bundled with API store gives subscribers an alternative way to invoke APIs.

Enforce Throttling and Resource Access Policies, WSO2 API Cloud Tutorial 6

This tutorial takes you through how WSO2 API Cloud lets publishers define the throttling limits and specify allowed REST resources and HTTP methods. All these get enforced by WSO2 API Cloud gateway so the calls that do not comply with the policies get handled by the gateway and never reach your backend service.

API Analytics, Statistics, Reports, WSO2 API Cloud Tutorial 7

This tutorial shows how WSO2 API Cloud provides multiple analytics reports both to API publishers and subscribers, giving them details on how APIs are being used. The API statistics include breakdown by individual subscriptions and users, response times, usage trends, invocation failures, breakdown by API resources and paths, and much more.

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