Case Studies

Case Studies

O2 Maintains Stronghold on Customer Satisfaction Index by Offering Innovative Solutions Powered by WSO2

O2 Slovakia, a pioneering mobile telecommunications service provider, introduced a self-care mobile app to increase service-center efficiency and customer satisfaction rates among its 1.7 million strong customer base. Today, RESTful APIs, customer identification and service verification of the mobile app are managed by the 100% open source WSO2 API Manager.

Media Firm Leverages WSO2 Capabilities To Seamlessly Integrate and Deliver Bundled Services To Subscribers

A US-based electronic media company that delivers financial information and news stories to subscribers worldwide was looking to put in place a media platform that will help the wire service bundle new published articles and deliver these to subscribers

BDigital Delivers E-Health and Smart Home Platform Using the WSO2 Carbon Platform

The seamless environment of the fully componentized WSO2 Carbon enterprise middleware platform enabled BDigital to complete the first minimally viable version of eKauri, an e-health and smarthome platform, three months ahead of schedule. Pre-integrated WSO2 middleware products were used to mediate services across the cloud and Internet of Things, as well as manage APIs, applications, and identity of the product.

MyWebGrocer Brings Consumers and Grocers Together with API-Driven Personalized Ads Based on WSO2 Software

MyWebGrocer (MWG) is a leading provider of digital marketing solutions to the grocery and consumer packaged goods industries. Today, MWG relies on WSO2 API Manager and WSO2 Business Activity Monitor to effectively tailor digital ads to individual consumers while maintaining high availability and responsiveness even during peak periods.

University Psychiatric Clinics Basel Modernizes Integration of its Applications with WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus

For years, UPK Basel tied together its various healthcare and administrative applications using Oracle’s Java Composite Application Platform Suite (JCAPS). However, the institution recently modernized its integration platform by migrating to WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus (WSO2 ESB) with the help of WSO2 partner AVINTIS SA.

M-creations Delivers Mobile Payment Solution in Three Months Using WSO2 Carbon Enterprise Middleware

One of Germany's foremost payment technology providers is leading innovation in the European mobile market with its real-time user system for mobile phone top-ups. Designed to meet the demand for greater convenience in mobile payment services, the prepaid platform allows consumers to add phone credits in real time to their existing service plans via an easy-to-use application, the mobile Web, or conventional Internet.

Codenvy Delivers Dynamic Analytics for Developers On-Premises and in the Cloud With the WSO2 Carbon Platform

Codenvy's solutions include Codenvy Developer, Codenvy Enterprise, Codenvy ISV, and Codenvy Affiliate. Underpinning these offerings is the Codenvy Platform, an extensible cloud framework for developing, testing and running tooling plug-ins, as well as a system for creating entirely new embedded or white-labeled cloud IDEs.

Rolta Turns GIS Data into Actionable Information with WSO2 ESB

More recently, Rolta has developed connectors to create a cost-effective and maintainable solutions using iPerspective™ Enterprise suite by leveraging on the integration and transformation capabilities of WSO2 ESB. For example, through a combined iPerspective-WSO2 ESB solution, a federal traffic agency now has immediate access to GIS information to help analyze crimes and accidents.

Epilepsy Center Improves Sharing of Patient Data with WSO2 Carbon Enterprise Middleware

This case study describes how WSO2 strategic partner Yenlo used WSO2 ESB along with other WSO2 Carbon middleware products and SUSE Linux to help SEIN more effectively exchange data among clinics, insurers, and partners.

ELM Manages Identities of 4 Million Government Program Users with WSO2 Identity Server

Recently ELM architected and implemented a system to manage a range of processes for the Saudi national Unemployment Assistance Program. Today, ELM relies on WSO2 Identity Server to manage some 4 million users of the Unemployment Assistance Program program system and ensure secure online transactions.

SUVA Streamlines Insurance Processes with WSO2 ESB

This case study examines the integration challenges facing Suva in streamlining the management of insurance claims, the factors leading the company to select WSO2 ESB, and the solution architecture Suva had implemented.

Ohio Auto Club Provides First-Class Integrated Travel Planning with WSO2 Carbon

Find out in this case study how the award-winning, 100% open source WSO2 Carbon enterprise middleware platform was central to the success of TST; integrating the new Web-based travel portal with OAC’s back-office systems, including the AXIS membership system from Campana used to confirm users’ membership status.

Mobile Service Provider Orchestrates its Success with WSO2 Middleware

This case study highlights how New Zealand's Newest Mobile Provider Uses WSO2 Carbon Middleware to Help Capture Nearly One-Sixth of the Market.

Governance Registry Brings Integrity to SaaS Platform

See how CAST Research Project Creates Extensible and Customizable SaaS Platform Using WSO2 Governance Registry.

WSO2 Middleware Moves Mobile Transportation Services Platform Forward

Read how Godel Technologies Builds Integrated Mobile API Platform for Major Euro Zone Transpoortation Authority Using WSO2 ESB and WSO2 BAM

WSO2 ESB-Enabled Integration and Mediation Energize Smart Power Grids

Read how Dongfang Electronics Co. Ltd., one of the largest electric power automation system manufacturers in China, is using the open source WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus (WSO2 ESB) to streamline the development and maintenance of smart power grids.

eBay uses 100% open source WSO2 ESB to process more than 1 billion transactions per day

eBay is the world's largest online marketplace. WSO2 ESB helps to ensure high performance and 24x7 availability during peak holiday shopping season.

Odel POS Powered by WSO2 Mobile Services Gateway Solution

The POS systems take advantage of application programming interfaces (APIs) powered by the WSO2 Carbon enterprise middleware platform and the WSO2 Mobile Services Gateway Solution.

WSO2 Middleware Ensures Alfa-Bank a Promising Future in SOA

The WSO2 Application Server together with the WSO2 ESB has enabled Alfa-Bank to implement seamless integration of the T24 core banking system with its existing internal and third party systems.

WSO2 Helps Wayne State College Integrate With PeopleSoft

Find out in this case study how Wayne State College in Nebraska, USA, leveraged their existing skills and used the WSO2 Web Service Framework for PHP to interact with the Web services provided by the PeopleSoft Campus solution.

Concur Streamlines Corporate Reporting With WSO2 Open Source SOA Middleware

This case study highlights how one customer successfully implemented a SOA initiative to deliver consolidated reporting from enterprise applications distributed across multiple systems.

Expose Mainframe Data & CICS Transactions With WSO2 Middleware – HMO Case Study

One of the largest Managed Care Organizations in the US, faced the challenge of exposing client medical records stored in their mainframe, DB2 and MSSQL systems in a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) environment.

Since all WSO2 products extend from its Carbon base, it created a seamless environment that allowed for our programmers to rapidly gain an understanding of the technology as well as accelerate our integration and product development. As a result, we were able to complete the first minimally viable version of our product three months ahead of schedule.

Joan Protasio
AIL Software Engineer
BDigital E-Health R&D Group