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The rise of the Internet has led to a steady decline in traditional mail delivery, but La Poste has taken that challenge as an opportunity to reinvent itself. France’s leading postal service has over 17,000 postal presence points in the country, welcomes 1.3 million customers daily, and distributes over 2 billion parcels globally each year. La Poste is now present in 63 countries across 5 continents, and in 2021, the group generated €34.6 billion in revenues with half coming from its postal services and 41% being driven internationally.

Even as La Poste moves into other industries, the company stands at the forefront in digitally transforming the postal and package delivery business to create superior customer experiences, broaden its offerings, and expand collaboration with partners around the globe. To support these efforts, La Poste has built and optimized an API-first integration platform by adopting WSO2 API Manager.


WSO2 has been an invaluable partner in our API-first strategy, collaborating closely with our architects and support teams to build a scalable and resilient platform that has enabled our postal business to transform rapidly. "

Jean-Marc Dagorne

APIM and BIP/xBIP Base Manager Parcel Mail Services Branch - Technical Department

La Poste


La Poste is on a mission to stay relevant and competitive in the postal market by redefining mail delivery services, and catering to the changing needs of consumers and retail customers in France and Europe. In recent years, it has transformed from a traditional mail delivery company into a modern courier and online digital services organization, striving to expand its digital solutions and e-commerce logistics services on a global scale and deliver personalized customer experiences.

Despite these advances, IT complexities and data silos across the enterprise made it difficult to gain the insights needed to create personalized experiences, develop innovative solutions, and expand its ecosystem.


La Poste set a goal to simplify access to data stored in disparate systems, such as parcel tracking, contact center records, and financial information, by adopting an API-first architecture.

In particular, the company wanted APIs to play a central role in supporting the three key measures of its digital transformation strategy for becoming a customer-centric organization:

  • Establish an integrated contact center to enhance personalized customer experiences.
  • Streamline shipping experiences for retail customers.
  • Create an architectural framework that allows the team to rapidly introduce future customer innovations through API reuse.


La Poste Mail Services has adopted WSO2 API Manager for API-first integration and API management in order to deliver services to customers, facilitate partner collaboration, enable personalized experiences, and speed innovation.


Easier customer access to services:

La Poste uses WSO2 API Manager to provide APIs to its expanding customer base of retailers, so they can easily integrate their e-commerce platforms with La Poste’s shipping systems Now, thousands of retail customers utilize these APIs to automate their delivery workflows by taking advantage of La Poste’s digital services to print labels, verify addresses, make requests for courier pickup, track their packages almost instantaneously, and receive automated notifications.

Improved partner collaboration:

La Poste is focused on expanding its delivery network by collaborating with other postal and commercial logistics partners across the globe. To facilitate this collaboration, the company uses WSO2 API Manager to provide partners with APIs, which enable them to rapidly integrate their systems with La Poste’s. This helped the organization seamlessly reach France's most extensive logistics and delivery ecosystem, with services reaching virtually every corner of the country and over 63 countries worldwide.

More personalized experiences:

La Poste recognized the importance of creating a unified customer profile to improve the customer experience and enable staff to respond faster to customer inquiries while providing personalized interactions. The company relies on APIs managed by WSO2 API Manager to pull together data points about customers from disparate systems in order to get a more comprehensive profile of each customer to deliver more personalized experiences.

Faster innovation:

Simplified API management capabilities have enabled La Poste to innovate and improve services faster. Projects that took months now take only a few weeks due to the easy integration and API reuse enabled by WSO2 API Manager. The system remains stable and scalable even while managing up to 43 million API calls daily. As a result, La Poste has been able to increase its competitiveness by delivering high-quality services while saving time and money.

The foundation that La Poste established is still in use today, allowing the company to introduce new customer innovations and fulfill vital digital initiatives.

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