Saving Lives Across Borders: National Marrow Donor Program (NMDP) Builds Global Transplant Network with WSO2

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A bone marrow or cord blood transplant can hold the key to a cure for individuals battling leukemia, lymphoma, and other life-threatening diseases. However, nearly 70% of patients lack a fully matched donor within their families. Now they can turn to Be The Match® to find a life-saving match.

Over the past three decades, Be The Match®, operating under the umbrella of the National Marrow Donor Program® (NMDP), has successfully managed the world's largest and most diverse blood stem cell registry. Central to NMDP’s success is having the technology in place to enable rapid data transfer and sharing across an extensive network of healthcare providers, which ultimately increases the chances of finding a suitable donor match. Today, NMDP uses WSO2 API Manager to make these processes more efficient, cost-effective, and secure.


WSO2 has allowed Be The Match™ to continue embracing open source API management and integration with incredible enterprise support, enabling us to rapidly deploy new, robust integrations to keep up with the ever-growing technology needs that back our mission to democratize cell therapy, with equal outcomes for all."

Chandu Yalamanchili

Senior Middleware Adminstrator



NMDP needed to connect a globally distributed and technologically diverse network of hospitals, doctors, care facilities, and other stakeholders. Because the time to find a donor can make the difference between life and death, the organization has placed a priority on real-time access to vital information about bone marrow and cord blood donors, so stakeholders could easily contribute and access current and accurate data to make the right match.

In modernizing its technology, NMDP required a way to securely transfer data, comprising sensitive patient and donor information, through web service calls. The organization relied on a mix of SOAP and REST APIs to integrate data from different systems. So, it needed a solution that could seamlessly merge these technologies while delivering high security, comprehensive endpoint management, rate limiting, and full API lifecycle management. The solution also had to be reliable and scalable to support the organization’s growing global network. Finally, the non-profit sought a solution that, unlike its previous middleware, was both cost-effective and available with direct vendor support.


NMDP had three main objectives for the project:

  • Establish a modern global data exchange: NMDP sought to implement a modern global system to facilitate the seamless exchange of patient and donor data with hospitals, doctors, care facilities, and other stakeholders worldwide.
  • Provide secure data transfers: NMDP aimed to ensure that data transfers of patient and donor information via web service calls would remain confidential and maintain data integrity throughout the transmission process.
  • Create a scalable integration strategy: NMDP wanted to establish a scalable and consistent integration strategy that could be applied across the organization and allow NMDP to grow its network efficiently across multiple geographies.


After conducting a thorough evaluation, NMDP chose WSO2 API Manager, supported by WSO2 Integration technology, to drive its digital initiatives. Because the software was open source and the WSO2 team offered implementation support, NMDP was able to carefully evaluate the solution and ensure it met all the necessary criteria for effectively modernizing the non-profit’s legacy systems. Both the Java-based and extensible nature of WSO2's API gateway and the specialized assistance available from WSO2 were critical factors in validating NMPD’s decision to invest in WSO2. 

WSO2 API Manager provides NMDP with a comprehensive platform for building, integrating, and exposing digital services as managed APIs, facilitating secure data exchange across its global network. Meanwhile, to support NMDP's requirement for the secure communication of confidential patient data, WSO2 has extended the out-of-the-box security features of WSO2 API Manager with custom authentication settings and environment configurations.

Additionally, NMDP has replaced its previous integration software with WSO2 integration capabilities now available with WSO2 API Manager. This has enabled the non-profit to support the diverse range of platforms and tools tied into its globally distributed network, as well as scale its operations by ensuring the seamless integration of new hospitals, doctors, and care facilities. With support and training from the WSO2 team, the migration process was completed smoothly and ahead of plan. 

In a span of 12 months, NMDP’s three-phase deployment plan was extensively tested and adapted to fit the organization's needs with WSO2 Support on hand to rapidly resolve any issues during development, testing, and production to ensure smooth operations. NMDP now considers WSO2 API Manager a crucial product requirement across all core organizational functions.


Increased reach and access to potential donors:

Be The Match®, powered by WSO2's technology and expertise, is now part of a global transplant network with 446 leading centers worldwide. The organization provides patients access to a vast pool of over 41 million donors and 811,000 cord blood units listed on registries globally, with 6,714 transplants completed in 2022 alone.

Secure data transmission and sharing:

NMDP now relies on WSO2 API Manager as a central platform for registry and transmission, handling all donor and patient information with all the donor logins, which are routed through it.

Streamlined donor registrations and information management:

The seamless Salesforce Sales Cloud integration provided by WSO2 enables NMDP to store and collect donor registrations, and information in one centralized system. Additionally, it efficiently manages all human resource-related information, including new employees, contracts, and data revisions.

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