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WSO2 Middleware Ensures Alfa-Bank a Promising Future in SOA

Alfa-Bank, part of the international Alfa Group Consortium, enjoys a solid reputation for reliable, high-quality financial services. Alfa-Bank introduced the technically advanced Temenos T24 core banking system to its infrastructure, offering performance and quality improvements of banking services to customers. With the new introduction, the bank encountered several integration difficulties and concerns, which were successfully addressed by WSO2 Application Server and WSO2 ESB, thereby marking the first step of the bank's full SOA implementation plan.

When I was selecting a technology, my primary targets were open-source, less development and more configuration, simple administration. The WSO2 Application Server appeared the easiest and fastest way to expose the Web services just after installation.

Dmitry Lukyanov
Head of Integration Solutions, Alfa-Bank (Ukraine)

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The Alfa-Bank


Banking & Finance



The Requirement

  • Expose business functionalities of old legacy applications and system integrations through platform independent Web services

The Solution

  • Each application’s functionality was exposed as a Web service through WSO2 Application Server, thereby allowing systems to collaborate and integrate through Web services
  • A lean, simple management of Web services offered by WSO2 Application Server provided a homogenous communication mode for all internal systems, irrespective of the logic and protocols used
  • WSO2 ESB enabled effective collaboration, management, interfacing, security and mediation of Web services with end points for external third party application integration