Business Process Server

WSO2 Business Process Server

Business Process Management is a key technology for increasing productivity and re-energizing businesses, making them more competitive. The WSO2 Business Process Server enables developers to easily deploy business processes written using the WS-BPEL standard, and also serves as the business process management and hosting environment for your SOA.

Powered by the Apache Orchestration Director Engine (ODE) BPEL engine, the WSO2 Business Process Server provides a complete web-based graphical console to deploy, manage and view processes.


Define and Execute Business Processes

  • Supports WS-BPEL 2.0 and BPEL4WS 1.1
  • Long running stateful processes
  • Short running stateless or stateful processes
  • In memory process execution for short running processes
  • Message and time triggered message handling
  • Processes secured with WS-Security, Kerberos and more
  • Security context propagation through processes to partners
  • Secure invocation of partners with WS-Security, Kerberos and more

Data Manipulation & Extensibility

  • Powerful data manipulation via XPath 1.0/2.0, XSLT 1.0/2.0, XQuery 1.0 and E4X
  • Extensible via custom activities defined using Java APIs
  • XPath extensions for Java invocation

Define Workflows Interacting with People

  • Supports WS-Human Task 1.1, BPEL4People 1.1
  • Integration of people for performing tasks and receiving notifications
  • Management of deadlines and escalation to other users and roles (including integration to WSO2 Identity Server for user and role management)
  • Role based access control for activities
  • Google Gadget for interacting with task manager and for task execution
  • Ability to create custom user interfaces for tasks

Create & Monitor Custom Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Graphical Process Modeling

  • Powerful graphical editor via WSO2 Developer Studio
  • Drag-n-drop visual editor for any WS-BPEL process model including XPath assistant
  • Store, lifecycle manage and govern processes, partners and endpoints via integration with WSO2 Governance Registry
  • Create and manage process deployment artifacts
  • Import and edit BPEL processes developed using other tools such as SoftwareAG ARIS, Oracle SOA Suite, Microsoft BizTalk and IBM Process Manager

Process Management via Graphical Administration Console

  • Flexible deployment and management of processes including security, throttling and caching
  • Process versioning including dynamic updates to running processes
  • Flexible management of process instances including terminate, suspend, resume, retry and cleanup
  • Graphical auditing and troubleshooting of instances
  • Dashboard with snapshot of failed, suspended, active and long running instances

Integrates to Existing Environment

  • Pluggable storage choices including MySQL, Oracle, MSSQL and DB2
  • Use any existing enterprise identity system including LDAP, Microsoft Active Directory or any JDBC database
  • Task manager API for integrating human tasks to any enterprise infrastructure including portals and e-mail clients

High Availability, Scalability and Stability

  • Horizontal scaling via clustering with stateless server architecture
  • Distributed response caching for higher performance
  • Supports highly available deployment
  • Process dehydration for running large volumes of processes
  • Long term execution stability via configurable persistence levels with low resource utilization

Lightweight, Developer Friendly and Easy to Deploy

  • Easy to debug processes with tools for message tracing and interactive testing with TryIt capabilities
  • Server customization via feature provisioning of any WSO2 middleware capability
  • Choice of deployment to on-premise servers, private cloud, or managed cloud, without configuration changes
  • Integrated with SVN, Maven, Ant and other standard tools for development & deployment
  • Integrated to WSO2 Developer Studio, Eclipse-based IDE for all WSO2 products

Manage & Monitor

  • Comprehensive management & monitoring Web console with enterprise-level security
  • Built-in collection and monitoring of standard access and performance statistics
  • JMX MBeans for key metrics monitoring and management
  • Integrates with WSO2 Business Activity Monitor for operational audit and KPI monitoring and management
  • Flexible logging support with integration to enterprise logging systems
  • Centralized configuration management across different deployment environments with lifecycles and versioning via integration to WSO2 Governance Registry