WSO2 Developer Studio - Eclipse-based SOA development tool

WSO2 Developer Studio

A major step forward in providing a complete Eclipse-based SOA development environment for the award-winning WSO2 Carbon platform, developers can now define a project representing a complete Composite Application (C-App) spanning multiple products and features.

Developer Studio, immensely simplifies creation of artifacts with graphical editors and management of the links and dependencies between these services. Developers can develop, debug and deploy composite applications and Web services on-premises and in the cloud from one environment.

It further helps test and debug them within the IDE, and helps deploy them as Composite Application aRchives (CAR) on to your WSO2 Carbon-based servers or onto a WSO2 Private PaaS. Development, testing and deployment of composite middleware applications have never been easier or faster!

WSO2 Developer Studio


Supports the Edit, Build, Debug, Deploy Cycle for Applications on WSO2 Products

  • Distributes as a standalone Eclipse-based product or extension bundles for Eclipse
  • Support for editing most type of deployable artifacts
  • Integrates to Maven for building
  • Run test servers inside Eclipse and do source level debugging for applications that consist of multiple artifact types

Support for Developing Apache Tomcat, Apache Axis2, Axis CXF, Apache Synapse and Apache Ode Applications

  • Edit, build, debug, deploy Tomcat webapps, Axis2 or CXF services, RESTful services, Synapse mediation, and ODE processes
  • Optionally deploy to WSO2 products for greater ease of use
  • Uses widely used popular Eclipse plugins

Supports Integration of Cloud Services

  • Foundation for both cloud-to-cloud and cloud-to-enterprise integrations
  • Combines multiple operations from multiple connectors along request, response, and error paths.
  • Combines with regular mediators in a mediation flow to fine-tune business logic processing

Supports Collaborative Development

  • Integrates with any Eclipse-supported SCM (SVN, Git, Perforce, CVS, Mercurial and more)
  • Shared development of artifacts belonging to a single application

Supports Development Governance

  • Integrates with WSO2 App Factory to facilitate management of application development lifecycles
  • Browse, consume and produce registry resources with WSO2 Governance Registry
  • Enables lifecycle governance of applications by separating code from configuration

Supports Maven and Continuous Integration

  • All build actions can be performed through the tool as well as via the command line using Apache Maven
  • Enables easy integration with CI products such as Jenkins and Bamboo

Supported Artifact Types

Easily Build Composite Applications

  • Supports writing enterprise applications that consist of any collection of above artifacts as a single Composit Application aRchive (CAR)
  • Composit Application Projects aggregate collection of Eclipse projects representing the artifacts into a “C-App” distribution project
  • C-App project Maven root POM includes all artifacts and uses WSO2 Maven CAR Plugin to assemble to deployable CAR artifact
  • CAR artifacts have application topology concept to manage deployment into different server clusters based on server roles

Supports Direct Deployment to Local and Remote WSO2 Servers

Build Carbon Server Extension Types

  • Develop any server extension such as WSO2 ESB mediators and WSO2 Governance Registry handlers

Developer Friendly

  • Integrates with standard Eclipse conventions and idioms