WSO2 Licensing and Subscription Services

Critical enterprise projects need enterprise-grade support.

WSO2 supported distributions are licensed under the WSO2 Software License. This license allows you to use the product free for non-commercial use. Commercial customers can also use the products in commercial settings and take advantage of a full range of enterprise-grade support and maintenance services, including:

  • Use of the supported distribution for commercial development, pre-production, and production during the subscription term.
  • Access to a variety of installation mechanisms to conveniently deploy the product into the environment of your choice.
  • Subscription to the WSO2 Update service and related tooling, providing continuous access to product improvements, bug fixes, and performance enhancements.
  • 24x7 expert incident support with aggressive response and resolution times to keep you running smoothly.
  • Query support to boost productivity with expert assistance and guidance on product usage, development, migration, tuning, and best practices.
  • Priority support option with an on- or off-site dedicated WSO2 Technical Account Manager.
  • Access to a variety of optional managed and consulting services.

WSO2 Software License

The WSO2 Software License covers all our supported product distributions, updates, and update tooling. Supported distributions feature:

  • 100% compatible with community open source versions
  • Enterprise-grade supported distributions in a variety of convenient installation formats
  • Features for accessing and managing updates
  • Free use for evaluation, non-commercial, and educational purposes


Continuous maintenance of your solution ensures system health and security throughout its lifetime. The WSO2 Update service delivers fixes to subscribers in an easy-to-consume format throughout the product lifecycle:

  • WSO2 Updates improve the efficiency and quality of your evaluation, proof of concepts, and development work, removing the potential impacts of any known issues.
  • WSO2 Updates continually address real-world issues identified by WSO2 or encountered by other WSO2 customers, eliminating potential impacts to your production systems before they can occur.
  • WSO2 maintains constant vigilance for any potential security vulnerabilities, monitoring hundreds of open source projects, collecting and assessing security reports from users or academics, running advanced code security reviews and using the best in automated code analysis tools. We develop private security bulletins and security updates to ensure subscribers have state-of-the-art-security in place.
  • Each update is packaged for easy deployment in conjunction with our WSO2 Update Manager and In-place Update tools. Updates are deployed by our team for WSO2 Cloud and WSO2 Managed Services customers as a matter of course.
  • Update channels allow you to select delivery updates or to focus only on security updates as appropriate to your project history and lifecycle.

WSO2 Support

Our support team relies on a flat structure - developers and customer success staff skilled in the inner workings of all things WSO2. You can be sure your queries are handled by experts from the start, without repeated escalations. Our customer success engineers are globally distributed to operate on a 24x7x365 basis with an enterprise-grade SLA.

WSO2 Support features a private support ticketing system, ensuring responses are quick, reliable, and fully documented through to resolution.

Need some support with your evaluation? We’d be happy to extend Evaluation Support, apply below.

Support Services include:

  • Production support features a 24x7x365 global severity-based SLA with as little as 1 hour maximum response time for high severity incidents. There are no limits to incident tickets. Incidents that require the development and delivery of a product fix are coordinated with WSO2 Update.
  • Developer support features a 1 business day SLA, to answer general queries about WSO2 product features and usage, best practices, and general product assistance. Query support is utilized on an hourly basis, with a generous entitlement included in each subscription proportional to total fees.
  • A Technical Account Manager provides you the option for a named support contact who can coordinate issues and manage a priority support queue during working hours in your timezone and an option for unlimited query support. We include options for onsite presence at your location.

Introduction to WSO2 support portal

WSO2 Managed Services

WSO2 Managed Services provides a team of dedicated WSO2 engineers to host, run, and maintain any combination of licensed WSO2 products in the Cloud.

With this service you get:

  • WSO2 software hosted on dedicated virtual machines not shared with any other customers.
  • Leverages your existing Amazon, Azure, or Google Cloud infrastructure accounts.
  • Customized deployment of any combination of WSO2 products in any region to suit your specific needs.
  • Conforms to best practices for configuration, network connectivity with your data center, and security.
  • Full service operations, with 24x7 monitoring, backups, and product update cycles.
  • Automatic incident creation when service impairment is detected.
  • 99.99% uptime SLA with service credits.
  • Substantial TCO savings versus acquiring in-house operational expertise
  • A “Lite” version employing automated scripts for setup and maintenance of common configurations of single products, at an unbeatable price.