WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus

WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus is a lightweight, high performance, near-zero latency product, providing comprehensive support for several different technologies like SOAP, WS* and REST as well as domain-specific solutions and protocols like SAP or HL7. It goes above and beyond by being 100% compliant with enterprise integration patterns. It also has 100+ ready-made, easy-to-use connectors to seamlessly integrate between cloud service providers. WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus is 100% configuration driven, which means no code needs to be written. Its capabilities can be extended too with the many extension points to plug into.


Connecting Anything to Anything

  • Adapters to cloud services: 100+ connectors including Salesforce, Paypal, LinkedIn, Twitter and JIRA
  • Formats & protocols: JSON, XML, SOAP 1.1, SOAP 1.2, WS-*, HTML, EDI, HL7, OAGIS, Hessian, Text, JPEG, MP4, all binary formats and CORBA/IIOP
  • Adapters to COTS systems: SAP BAPI & IDoc, PeopleSoft, MS Navision, IBM WebSphere MQ, Oracle AQ and MSMQ
  • Inbound endpoints: HTTP, HTTPS, HL7, JMS,File, MQTT and RabbitMQ

Routing, Mediation & Transformation

  • Routing: Header based, content based, rule-based and priority-based routing
  • Mediation: EIPs (including scatter/gather, message filters, recipient list, dead-letter channels, guaranteed delivery and message enrichment), database integration, event publishing, logging & auditing, validation
  • Transformation: XSLT 1.0/2.0, XPath, XQuery and Smooks

Message, Service, API & Security Gateway

  • Expose existing applications & services over different protocols and message formats
  • Virtualize services for loose coupling and SOA governance
  • Load balancing for scalability and failover for high availability of business endpoints
  • Create service facades for legacy / non-standard services
  • Enforce and manage security centrally, including authentication, authorization and entitlement
  • Policy enforcement and governance via WSO2 Governance Registry
  • Expose services & applications via RESTful APIs with key management
  • Logging, audit and SLA monitoring, KPI monitoring
  • WS-Security, LDAP, Kerberos, OpenID, SAML, XACML
  • SSL tunneling and SSL profiles support for inbound and outbound scenarios
  • CRL/OCSP Certificate revocation verification

High Performance, High Availability, Scalability & Stability

  • Supports 1000s of concurrent non-blocking HTTP(S) connections per server
  • Pure streaming and on-demand processing of messages
  • Sub-millisecond latency for high-throughput scenarios
  • Supports highly available deployment
  • Horizontal scaling via clustering with stateless server architecture
  • Long term execution stability with low resource utilization

Lightweight, Developer Friendly and Easy to Deploy

  • Declarative development with configuration instead of code
  • Easy configuration of fault tolerant mediations with support for error handling
  • Server customization via feature provisioning of any WSO2 middleware capability
  • Extend configuration language with custom DSLs via templates
  • Embed scripting language code in Javascript, JRuby, Groovy and more as custom mediators
  • Integrated with SVN, Maven, Ant and other standard tools for development & deployment
  • Integrated to WSO2 Developer Studio, Eclipse-based IDE for all WSO2 products

Manage & Monitor

  • Comprehensive management & monitoring Web console with enterprise-level security
  • Built-in collection and monitoring of standard access and performance statistics
  • JMX MBeans for key metrics monitoring and management
  • Integrates with WSO2 Business Activity Monitor for operational audit and KPI monitoring and management
  • Flexible logging support with integration to enterprise logging systems
  • Centralized configuration management across different environments with lifecycles and versioning via integration to WSO2 Governance Registry

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