Agile integration platform for quick, iterative integration of any application, data, or system

WSO2 Enterprise Integrator, core to the WSO2 Integration Agile Platform, is an open source integration product for cloud native and container-native projects. It enables enterprise integration experts to build, scale, and secure sophisticated integration solutions to achieve digital agility. Unlike other integration products, WSO2 Enterprise Integrator already contains integration runtimes, message brokering, business process modeling, analytics and visual tooling capabilities.

Why It's Important For Modernizing Your Enterprise

Background on Enterprise Integration

Enterprise Integration Brochure


  • Unified platform with fully open source and container-native, cloud native capabilities - Lowers technology implementation risk
  • Supports complex integration scenarios - implemented easily and rapidly, speeding large projects
  • Sophisticated tooling and small footprint - speeds development cycles and flexibility
  • Business processes modeling capabilities - helps deploy and manage flows of activity within service based architectures
  • Deploy anywhere: Have the flexibility to deploy on-premise, use the public cloud, or both. Easily migrate in between these environments - saves money and time via better resource utilization.

WSO2 Enterprise Integrator is built to address the integration challenges faced in modern day enterprises. It provides a centralized integration middleware/ESB with data integration, process integration and B2B integration capabilities. In addition to short-running, stateless integration flows, it can be used to manage long-running, stateful business processes. It also comes with analytics for comprehensive monitoring, and message brokering capabilities that can be used for reliable messaging, and capabilities to run microservices for your integration flows.

Complete feature list

WSO2 Integration - Architecture diagram


Bring enterprise systems out of their silos

Integration middleware optimized for centralized and decentralized ESB capabilities to integrate services, data, legacy and proprietary systems, and SaaS apps.

Make enterprise data accessible

Integrate cloud and legacy systems and all types of data stores, transforming data seamlessly across different formats and transports.

Connect anything to anything

A wide array of connectors and high-level abstractions to simplify the interaction with third-party systems, with over Nearly 200 connectors for connecting out-of-the-box to popular services.

Powerful analytics capabilities

Examine integration flows, set up alerts and publish data; analyze and view through rich dashboards to understand inefficiencies and optimize at will.

Support business processes

Model business processes, deploy and manage flows of activity across the enterprise. Create long-running solutions across all parts of the organization.

Build faster and easier

Includes visual tooling, interactive debugging and data mapping, plus a configuration-based approach that allows set up integrations without modifying core code.

West uses WSO2 to facilitate nearly 300 million unique interactions every month, creating complex, context-aware interactive voice response systems for customer support.


eBay uses WSO2 to control and direct traffic from mobile applications and power sellers, processing over 1 billion transactions a day with WSO2 Integration products.


New York University (NYU) uses WSO2 to integrate data, people and processes across more than twenty schools, colleges, and institutes – including 12 major branches across the world.



  • Enterprise Service Bus

    An enterprise service bus that is capable of implementing and executing complex integration logic, including sophisticated data transformation, protocol mediation and orchestration of integration flows.

  • Data Integration

    Secure and managed data access across federated data stores, data service transactions, and data transformation and validation using a lightweight, developer friendly, agile development approach.

  • Message Broker

    A lightweight, easy-to-use, distributed message-brokering server. It is designed to manage persistent messaging and large numbers of queues, subscribers and messages.

  • Integration Designer / Tooling

    An eclipse-based graphical tool to support fast, iterative development, testing and troubleshooting of integration scenarios.

  • BPM / Workflows

    Scalable and lean Business Process Server helps to increase productivity and enhance competitiveness by enabling developers to easily deploy business processes and models written using BPEL and BPMN.

  • Integration Analytics

    Provides real-time analytics for integration scenarios and business processes, enabling users to make better decisions with insights into an integrated business.





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