AlmavivA and WSO2 Help Italian Ministry of Economy and Finances to Manage Central Data Repository for 1.6 Million Employees

New case study examines how technology services provider AlmavivA uses WSO2 middleware platform to drive backend processes of the Italian Ministry’s Anagrafica Unica master data management solution

Mountain View, CA – October 22, 2015 – WSO2 today announced that WSO2 partner AlmavivA Group has implemented a master data management (MDM) system for the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finances (MEF), using the WSO2 Carbon middleware platform. The custom MDM system, Anagrafica Unica (Central Registry), handles self-service applications containing the salaries and personal information of employees with the Italian public sector and MEF operators. Some 1.6 million users across Italy now use Anagrafica Unica for secure access to accurate information. The implementation is discussed in a new case study from WSO2, which can be downloaded at

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For years, MEF maintained an internal architecture consisting of heterogeneous services. However, each application worked independently of one another and stored data separately, creating issues around system coordination, data management and consistency. Realizing the need of MEF to centralize its master data, AlmavivA Group, Italy's top information and communication technology (ICT) provider, has designed an innovative solution, centered on WSO2 platform.

The case study examines how AlmavivA has implemented an agile MDM system architecture that takes advantage of best practices outlined in the WSO2 technology article, "A Lean Approach to MDM using WSO2 Middleware Platform." The architecture includes a frontend portal that provides a user interface, a backend repository layer using an Oracle database, and integration services delivered through six WSO2 middleware products.

  • WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus (WSO2 ESB) handles mediation and transformation to maintain interface services and data quality.
  • WSO2 Data Services Server exposes data sources as Web services and REST resources, supports the system’s data life-cycle services.
  • WSO2 Identity Server improves security by providing authentication and authorization services.
  • WSO2 Message Broker facilitates events.
  • WSO2 Governance Registry establishes governance and stewardship.

“The componentized WSO2 platform means that all the products are designed to work together seamlessly. This has helped to speed our implementation process and will allow us to easily add new WSO2 products in the future as needed,” said Nunzio Calì, deputy general manager, operations – Infrastructure and Application Services Division, AlmavivA Group. “We are thrilled by the impact that Anagrafica Unica has made so far in helping to streamline the processes of data management and by the effectiveness of WSO2’s middleware in supporting these operations. We now look forward to working with WSO2 to develop the next steps for this system.”

“The Italian Ministry of Economy and Finances plays a central role in the operations of the Italian government, making it critical to deliver timely data consistently and securely,” said Dr. Sanjiva Weerawarana, WSO2 founder, CEO and chief architect. “We are thrilled by the agility AlmavivA has achieved in implementing a state-of-the-art master data management system based on our highly flexible, scalable and robust middleware platform that supports more than 2 million public sector employees across Italy.”

About AlmavivA

AlmavivA Group is Italy's number one information and communication technology (ICT) provider, with a longstanding experience and in-depth knowledge and understanding of the public and private sector markets it specializes in. Operating as a global organization, AlmavivA Group has 38 offices in Italy and 19 abroad and employs 40.000 people. It has a significant presence in Brazil, and is also operational in the United States, China, Colombia, Tunisia, South Africa and Brussels, the nerve center of the EU. The Group offering includes ICT services and solutions based on cloud computing, the outsourcing of customer relationship management (CRM) services, using cutting-edge technologies capable of ensuring excellence in CRM 3.0, and big data and advanced analytics solutions for the management and enhancement of information. To learn more, visit

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