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WSO2 Identity Server, a part of the WSO2 Integration Agile Platform, is a uniquely flexible, open source Identity and Access Management (IAM) product optimized for identity federation and SSO with comprehensive support for adaptive and strong authentication. It helps identity administrators to federate identities, secure access to web/mobile applications and endpoints, and bridge versatile identity protocols across on-prem and cloud environments.

Be it EIAM or CIAM - WSO2 Identity Server is a top IAM solution for your identity needs

A Guide to WSO2 Identity Server
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  • Open source and open standards help avoid vendor lock-in
  • Extensible architecture allows customization to support complex IAM use cases
  • Accommodates large-scale deployments of millions of users
  • Effortless integration with cloud and on-premises applications, third-party authentication systems, and social identity providers
  • Hassle-free deployment and low-cost maintenance

WSO2 Identity Server is an open source IAM product that specializes in access management, comprising of identity federation, SSO, strong & adaptive authentication, access control, account management & identity provisioning, API & microservices security, and privacy regulation. The product is highly extensible and offers the flexibility to write extensions with its rich set of connectors, which gives the ability to connect to other third-party and cloud systems and to support complex IAM use cases that fit any identity requirement.

WSO2 Identity and Access Management - Architecture diagram


Identity Federation and SSO

Enables federated access to web and mobile applications across multiple trust domains using open identity standards and facilitates single sign on between multiple logged in applications.

Identity Bridging

Facilitates exchanging identity attributes and authentication decisions between heterogeneous identity systems in a seamless manner.

Adaptive and Strong Authentication

Enables applications to secure access with multi-factor authentication based on context, risk, and identity attributes.

Read more about adaptive authentication

API and Microservices Security

Secure access to APIs and microservices based on open standards

Read more: Building an Ecosystem for API Security

Account Management and Identity Provisioning

Allows identity administrators to manage users and groups with automated provisioning and approval workflows across multiple heterogeneous user stores.

Access Control

Controls access to applications in the login flow with fine-grained access control policies and acts as a policy decision point for third-party applications.


Adheres to the privacy by design and privacy by default principles by following industry standards and regulations with consent lifecycle management and data security. This enables users to control their personal data.

Learn more about GDPR

Identity Analytics

Provides administrators the insights related to authentication, concurrent sessions, and anomalous login patterns.

ELM uses WSO2 to manage identities of 4 million government program users and implement single sign-on to streamline administration, improve productivity, and reduce costs.


Eurecat uses WSO2 to separate data that the company needs, based on user access levels and attributes and helps manage authorization policies effectively for their e-health and smart home platform.


WSO2.Telco uses WSO2 to provide a fully Mobile Connect (OIDC) compliant solution for telecommunication companies embarking on a federated ID strategy.





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