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At WSO2, we provide free open source software – which can be used and improved by anyone – together with valuable business services that help customers save time at a reasonable cost.

We believe open source to be the future of the industry, where permissive open source licenses provide the greatest alignment between the interests of creators and users of software.

Open source gives myself as a CIO the opportunity to bring things into our environment, to test them, to set up an API, to show that value without some of the procurement challenges.

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John Supra
John Supra
Deputy Director for Operations and Information Management and CIO,
South Carolina’s Department of Health and Human Services

Business Value of Open Source

“78% of businesses are now operating on open source software; more than 50% find open source to be more secure than proprietary software”

All these businesses can’t be wrong. Today it’s not just about long-term financial savings for your organization. Open Source empowers the CxO in giving back control over budgets and of the overall architecture.

The 4 main principles we value that inherently benefit our customers are

  • Rapid innovation by integrating Apache and other open source projects
  • Affordability by not having to pay heavy licensing costs
  • Visibility into how the products operate under the hood
  • Flexibility in configuring and extending the open source code to meet your requirements.

Open Source is very very important to us. We believe that open source is the future of enterprise collaboration. It’s not because it’s free. That’s great… but it (open source) becomes the basis for enterprises to collaborate together to evolve software mutually in ways that they need.

Michael Gardner
Michael Gardner
Managing Director and Head of Center,
BNY Mellon
BNY Mellon

Join Our Community

WSO2 welcomes anyone who is interested in our products to become a contributor by getting involved in the WSO2 community and helping with the development of WSO2 projects. For more information, see Community.

We can take WSO2 and customize it. If we don’t find everything we need, we can customize it. We don’t have to take everything, just the part needed for us.

Prakash Iyer
Prakash Iyer
Vice President for software architecture and strategy,