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WSO2 has a wide library of products and projects, all with the same goal: to enable developers across many industries. We want to foster a healthy community through open collaboration and feedback to help each developer and our teams continue to create cloud-native enterprise applications.

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Centralizing our communities and communication is essential. We have created spaces to meet developers where they are. Come hang out on Discord, ask the tough questions on Stack Overflow, or contribute on GitHub by reporting issues you encounter, improving our Open Source content, or pitching in with your code. Bring your user profile and join others growing in their development journey.


Upcoming Events

May 29th

Abstractions, Reuse and Productivity - the triangle of efficiency in the SDLC

In 2023, the software industry focused on efficiency, aiming to do more with less. Productivity became key, with organizations striving for better, faster, and cheaper products. Reuse of components was emphasized, spanning from APIs to infrastructure setups like Kubernetes. However, finding the right balance between building, buying, and abstracting solutions was crucial. This talk explores the importance of abstraction levels, the economic benefits of reuse, and the productivity gains from various strategies.

Jun 6th

IAM CxO Breakfast Roundtable

Sri Lanka's banking industry is known for innovation. But to stay on top, there's one key area to focus on: identity and access management (IAM). Ready to unlock the power of IAM for your digital banking strategy? Join us for an exclusive CXO breakfast roundtable to discover how the right IAM strategy can:

Tech Talk
Apr 24th

Level up your APIs: GraphQL with Ballerina

Join the next Ballerina Tech Talk, where we will discuss simplifying your GraphQL development with the Ballerina programming language.

6:30 p.m. - 7:15

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