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WSO2 has a wide library of products and projects, all with the same goal: to enable developers across many industries. We want to foster a healthy community through open collaboration and feedback to help each developer and our teams continue to create cloud-native enterprise applications.

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Centralizing our communities and communication is essential. We have created spaces to meet developers where they are. Come hang out on Discord, ask the tough questions on Stack Overflow, or contribute on GitHub by reporting issues you encounter, improving our Open Source content, or pitching in with your code. Bring your user profile and join others growing in their development journey.

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Upcoming Events

Oct 3rd

API Addicts 2023

WSO2 is happy to sponsor the APIAddictsDays23, that will take place at La Nave, C. Cifuentes, 5, Madrid on Tuesday 3rd of October 2023. We will reunite with the APIAddicts community in the largest event of APIs in the Spanish Market: APIAddictsDays23. In this conference, we will discover, with the main API Experts, the latest developments in APIs: Security, design, testing, architecture, success stories, implementation, business models... and many more! In addition, the attendees will be able to participate in workshops on new technologies applied to APIs, hear the successes and failures of API governance experts, and delve into the best practices of the API-First methodology. Do not miss the opportunity to learn from the representatives of APIs at an international level.

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Oct 10th

Accelerating Cloud Native App Development with Choreo - Melbourne Workshop

Are you keen on accelerating and optimizing your cloud native application development process? Join us for a half-day workshop on leveraging the Choreo Internal Developer Platform, led by industry experts, WSO2 Founder and CEO Sanjiva Weerawarana, and WSO2 VP and GM of Choreo, Kanchana Wickremasinghe.

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