The International Institute of Information Technology – Hyderabad Shares Digital Innovations with Nonprofits via Choreo from WSO2

IIIT Hyderabad uses the Choreo SaaS application development suite to provide “one-stop-shop” access to digital research projects that non-profit organizations can productize for their communities

Santa Clara, CA – February 9, 2023 –The International Institute of Information Technology – Hyderabad (IIIT Hyderabad) collaborates with leading technology organizations to innovate new solutions that benefit nonprofits in education, healthcare, and other sectors serving the public. Recently, IIIT Hyderabad began using Choreo, a software as a service (SaaS) application development suite from WSO2, to simplify and streamline the delivery of its digital innovations to these nonprofits. 

Based in Hyderabad, India, the institute conducts information technology-related research, productizes these research projects by wrapping them with APIs, and then makes them available to the public for free. Recent examples include using interactive voice response (IVR) applications to help underprivileged students and patients get answers to their questions using either their mobile or landline phones. In addition to developing new technologies within its research centers, IIIT Hyderabad also collaborates with other organizations—from start-ups to leading corporations—to create new digital solutions.

Initially, IIIT Hyderabad used WSO2 API Manager to make research projects available via standardized APIs. However, following the general availability of Choreo in 2022, the institute saw an opportunity to take advantage of the cloud-based solution’s additional capabilities.

“We realized that Choreo had all the features of WSO2 API Manager and more,” recalled Khoushik Ananth, lead engineer at IIIT Hyderabad. “We also saw an opportunity to move to the cloud and simplify our efforts by shifting responsibility for maintaining the infrastructure to Choreo.”

In the first few months since going into production, more than 15 non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have accessed productized research projects from IIIT Hyderabad through Choreo. The Choreo Marketplace included with the suite allows these nonprofits to easily find and access the APIs for a given project from a single location even if a project uses technologies from multiple organizations. The result is a seamless experience for users. Ultimately, the goal is to make research projects available through Choreo to all of the 200-plus nonprofits working with IIIT Hyderabad.

“Using Choreo and the Choreo Marketplace, we are providing a one-stop-shop where nonprofits can access APIs to applications and services without having to know which organizations they come from,” says Khoushik Ananth. “It is one more way that IIIT Hyderabad makes innovative technology solutions readily accessible to nonprofits, so they can better support the communities they serve.”

Prakash Yalla, IIIT Hyderabad technology transfer officer (TTO), adds, “Choreo also automates API documentation, single sign-on, and management of the underlying infrastructure. This has freed up our team to focus on making new solutions available faster.”

“We introduced Choreo with a mission of empowering enterprises to rapidly innovate new digital experiences, often in hours or days instead of weeks and months,” said Kanchana Wickremasinghe, vice president and general manager of the WSO2 Integration Business Unit. “We are excited to see the initial success of IIIT Hyderabad in delivering new digital projects that provide services to underserved communities, and we look forward to supporting the team as they expand their initiatives.”

About IIIT Hyderabad

International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad (IIITH) is an autonomous university, founded as a not-for-profit public private partnership (N-PPP) in 1998, and is the first IIIT in India under this model. Over the years, the institute has evolved strong research programs in various areas, with an emphasis on technology and applied research for industry and society. The institute facilitates interdisciplinary research and a seamless flow of knowledge. Several world-renowned centers of excellence are part of IIITH’s research portfolio, and it has established various joint collaboration and co-innovation models with an industry outreach spanning significant national and multinational companies. Visit to learn more.

About Choreo

Choreo is a SaaS application development suite that enables developers to quickly create, collaborate on, reuse, deploy and run new digital components—such as APIs, microservices, automations and integrations—in serverless mode on any Kubernetes cluster. Because Choreo abstracts away the complexity of Kubernetes, development teams can focus on the business logic of the digital experiences they deliver. 

About WSO2

Founded in 2005, WSO2 enables thousands of enterprises, including hundreds of the world’s largest corporations, top universities, and governments, to drive their digital transformation journeys—executing more than 60 trillion transactions and managing over 1 billion identities annually. Using WSO2 for API management, integration, and customer identity and access management (CIAM), these organizations are harnessing the full power of their APIs to securely deliver their digital services and applications. Our open-source, API-first approach to software that runs on-premises and in the cloud helps developers and architects to be more productive and rapidly compose digital products to meet demand while remaining free from vendor lock-in. WSO2 has over 900 employees worldwide with offices in Australia, Brazil, Germany, India, Sri Lanka, the UAE, the UK, and the US. Visit to learn more. Follow WSO2 on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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