January 03, 2017
3 min read

Adding More Backend Instances

In WSO2 Integration Cloud (formerly known as App Cloud), you can now easily add more instances to your applications and API backends. More instances mean both better performance and higher availability in case of failures. To scale up your application, simply: 1. Click the application that you want to scale up, 2. On the application overview screen, in the Replicas section, click the Scale Deployment button: click-scale-deployment-button 3. Set the number of instances you want and click the Update button: specifying-the-number-of-instances 4. In the app's overview, you can now see the additional instances and are able to click View Logs for any of them and see what is happening in this particular instance: Application with two replicas This feature is available both in trial and commercial accounts. Whenever you hit the limit, there is a link that allows you to file a support case to get the limit increased.