September 29, 2015
3 min read

[NEW] API Cloud Custom URL for API Store and Gateway

API programs are key to building the ecosystem around your technology. Your developer portal and APIs represent who you are to your partners and customers. This is why branding is very important part of API efforts. Branding for API programs consist of:
  1. Your own custom URLs for developer portal and APIs,
  2. Your logos, style, look and feel of the developer portal.
With the addition of custom URL functionality, WSO2 API Cloud now supports both kinds of customization.

1. Custom URL

By default, API Store for your subscribers gets a URL that looks like[your organization id], and the APIs themselves start with[your organization id]/. My guess, is that instead, you would like a fully branded experience with API Store being available at something like and APIs at Now all you need to do get there is:
  1. Come up with the nice URLs for both the API Store and the API gateway (and purchase the domain if you have not done so),
  2. Purchase SSL certificates for both domains (this is required because both portal and APIs themselves need to be accessed via HTTPS),
  3. In your domain registrar's DNS panel, create CNAME records pointing to for APIs themselves, and for the developer portal,
  4. In WSO2 API Cloud, click the Custom URL menu and follow the configuration wizard.
Application overview page in WSO2 App Cloud You can find detailed instructions in this tutorial: Customize the API Store and Gateway URLs.

2. Custom styles

Obviously, URL is just your first step. You also want the API store itself to be branded with your own corporate logos and styles. This is as easy as taking our sample store theme, substituting the logos and any other graphics you want changed, and making proper changes to the CSS files. Here's a quick demo of the process: [embed][/embed] And a link for step-by-step tutorial: Customize the API Store Theme. Sign-up for a free trial of WSO2 API Cloud today!