8 Feb, 2013

[Blog Post] How the World's Fastest ESB was Made - Hiranya Jayathilaka

  • Hiranya Jayathilaka
  • PhD student - WSO2

The default non-blocking HTTP (NHTTP) transport from Apache Synapse, which we were also using in WSO2 ESB, supported the above requirements up to a certain extent but we wanted to do better. The default transport was very generic and it was designed to offer reasonable performance in all the integration scenarios the ESB could potentially participate in. However HTTP load balancing, HTTP URL routing (URL rewriting) and HTTP header-based routing are some of the most widely used integration patterns in the industry and to support these use cases well, we needed a specialized transport.

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About Author

  • Hiranya Jayathilaka
  • PhD student
  • Department of Computer Science at UC Santa Barbara