WSO2 App Factory - 100% Open Source Entperise DevOps and ALM

WSO2 App Factory

WSO2 App Factory is a multi-tenant, elastic and self-service Enterprise DevOps platform that enables multiple project teams to collaboratively create, run and manage enterprise applications. Combining complete application lifecycle management and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) capabilities, WSO2 App Factory makes it possible to develop, test, deploy to production and retire applications with a single click. It also provides an easy way to discover and consume apps and APIs through a user-friendly storefront.

App Factory supports development of any type of enterprise application, including web apps, work flows, integration, business rules, mashups, mobile apps and more, leveraging WSO2 middleware as a service or even non-Java and non-WSO2 technologies. By integrating with your existing tools, including source control, issue tracker, forums, build management, and deployment, it provides a complete systems development life cycle (SDLC) tool chain.

By simplifying project set-up, provisioning and development activities, App Factory transforms application delivery and the IT-business dynamic. IT becomes a more agile business-enabler, providing faster time-to-market and enhanced visibility into the performance, adoption, usage and value of applications. App Factory offers a supported, seamless solution that can be deployed in a private cloud or into a public cloud.


Introducing the Cloud-enabled Enterprise DevOps Platform - WSO2 App Factory

Lifecycle Management Activities Integrated by App Factory


App Factory Topology with Multiple Clouds and Integrated ALM Components


WSO2 App Factory Sample Use Cases

Responsive IT: Create an internal cloud for supporting managed innovation inside the enterprise with IT as a Service.

An Ecosystem PaaS: Enables the enterprise to offer a managed environment for third parties to innovate around the organization. Securely share, manage and monitor APIs used by external apps.


Provision Application Projects

  • Self-service provisioning of project workspaces and resources including source repository, issue tracker, build configuration, forums, and requirements manager
  • Invite developers, testers, and operation engineers into application workspace
  • On-demand access to development, test, and production run-time Clouds

Accelerate Development Iterations

  • Develop applications separately with per developer space (to expand to per developer testing in future)
  • Enable team members to increase visibility and coordination with each other through app wall and user wall
  • Rapidly build Web applications, JAX-WS or JAX-RS services, business processes and back-ends for mobile applications
  • Automate and integrate continuous build, continuous test, and continuous deployment activities
  • Perform one-click actions for code branching, versioning, and promotion
  • Access shared multi-tenant source repositories, build farms, testing servers and run-time environments

Increase best practice adoption and establish agile application governance processes

  • Establish application development process phases, checkpoints, or approval work flows
  • Enforce coding conventions and best practices via automated tools, automated quality assurance, and security testing
  • Promote managed API subscriptions and access
  • Validate introduction of 3rd party libraries and license compliance
  • Manage application scaling parameters across development, testing, staging and production environments

Adopt a Cloud Platform and offer PaaS

  • Offers out-of-the-box integration with WSO2 Private PaaS as the cloud platform
  • Provides multi-tenanted SDLC toolset to build and deploy application into cloud platform
  • Helps assign custom URLs to applications that are running on the PaaS
  • Offer a shared, on-demand elastic infrastructure that scales
  • Deploy applications onto the complete WSO2 middleware platform, non-Java language containers (PHP), and 3rd party products (JBoss Application Server, Tomcat)

Obtain an Integrated DevOps Experience

  • Incorporates full lifecycle tooling, workflow, and reports for developers, quality assurance members, and operations engineers.
  • Automate and integrate continuous build, continuous test, and continuous deployment activities
  • Encompasses complete development lifecycle, from source code checkout, code development, check-in, and push up stream
  • Incorporates functional, non-functional, regression, and performance test activities
  • Publish Applications and APIs into App Stores and API Stores

Management Dashboards for CXOs & Project Managers

  • Dashboards provide visibility into application status, application health, application service assets, application activity, and application lifecycle stage progress
  • DevOps KPI monitoring via integration with WSO2 Business Activity Monitor
  • Project managers can monitor and receive notifications based on KPIs

Customize to follow your best practices and standards

  • Configure application development process phases, checkpoints, or approval work flows
  • Specify custom lifecycle stages in addition to pre-defined Development, Testing, and Production phases

Integrates with Your Existing Infrastructure

  • Integrates with your existing software development lifecycle (SDLC) tools including SVN, JIRA, Git, Maven, Jenkins, Bamboo and Clover
  • Integrates with existing user repositories via LDAP or Microsoft Active Directory