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Comprehensive and Open Platform for Your Connected Business

For the past decade WSO2 has been spearheading a global movement that's making enterprise middleware exponentially more cost efficient, collaborative, and faster than ever.

Our 100% open source middleware platform spans the entire breadth of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), yet remain lean and easy to use.

A Platform Built for your Future

At the core of the platform is WSO2 Carbon. Its componentized architecture enables you to deploy only what you need when you need it, to automatically adapt business activity in response to market events.

Read this white paper to learn more about how you can take advantage of our enterprise middleware platform to extend enterprise deployment flexibility and meet performance requirements, with highly scalable and available solutions.

Develop Once - Deploy Everywhere

The entire WSO2 middleware stack works seamlessly across private, public, and hybrid clouds, as well as on-premise.

Optimized for the Internet of Things (IoT)

Pre-integrated products of WSO2 platform enable enterprises, manufacturers and SIs to focus on building, integrating, analyzing, managing and securing their IoT-enabled solutions.

Read this white paper for a reference architecture for the Internet of Things, which includes the devices along with the server-side and cloud architecture required to interact with them.

Open and Infinitely Flexible

To completely protect from lock-in, all WSO2 products are 100% Open Source and based on Open Standards. The platform interoperates with existing and new purchases of standards-based components, integrates with a wide variety of legacy and packaged apps, and enables easy access to databases and file systems. Developers can extend the platform, customize code and use any programming model they like.

See how you too can contribute to WSO2 Projects and join the WSO2 Community

OEM with Ease

The WSO2 Platform is extremely extensible, and customizable, making it ideal for embedding, white labelling, re-skinning, and more. Combine the flexibility and reliability of the platform with an unbeatable level of enterprise support.

See more about the WSO2 OEM program where we help you to integrate, extend, evolve, maintain, and support WSO2 technologies in your solution.