Cloud Gateway

WSO2 Cloud Gateway

Used to create a managed, secured channel for business processes and other tasks running in a public cloud to get access to enterprise data and services, WSO2 Cloud Gateway provides service and data owners inside the enterprise to selectively publish services and data to the cloud. The resulting services can be fully protected with authentication, authorization, confidentiality, integrity and more – where only approved messages are delivered to access the services.

The WSO2 Cloud Gateway also provides a way to expose inside-the-firewall services, apis, and apps to the public internet without having to open inbound ports. This enables greater flexibility in exposing private resources while still maintaining existing security policies (Firewall rules).


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  • Securely access private data

    • Expose a private service, API or Apps to the public cloud in a secure and controllable manner using a reverse transport
  • Outsource computation

    • Use externally available computation power on demand
  • Apply security verifications

    • Security validations for public messages based on throttle and schema validations
    • Choose to either process or drop messages
    • Policies can be configured via WS-Policy, using easy to use tools in WSO2 Cloud Gateway or provide an existing policy
  • Expose private resources while maintaining existing in-bound firewall rules

    • Use WSO2 Cloud Gateway Agent with the high performance reverse transport to work around the firewall
  • Deploy as private or public Cloud Gateway