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WSO2 Enterprise Store

The WSO2 Enterprise Store brings a user-friendly experience to the enterprise for accessing and managing digital assets. Development teams and business users alike can easily and rapidly discover, subscribe, and make use of various enterprise assets such as APIs, mobile apps, web apps, and services to increase productivity and better utilize available assets.

With customizable lifecycle management, IT managers will find the WSO2 Enterprise Store a very flexible, powerful and convenient platform to provision, manage and monitor usage of apps and services.

Social aspects of the WSO2 Enterprise Store such as commenting, rating and tagging, help embrace a community of users and helps assess quality, better understand requirements and plan for future demands.

WSO2 Enterprise Store is backed by award winning WSO2 Carbon middleware stack, which provides, enterprise grade identity management and stability.


Plug-in any Type of Digital Asset

  • Extension mechanisms to add new asset types such as APIs, Web apps, mobile apps, and services - all in one store
  • Custom lifecycles for specific asset types
  • Customize the subscription process relevant to the particular asset type such as download an eBook, subscribe to an API and install an mobile app
  • Customize views of each asset type based on required preferences
  • WSO2 Enterprise Store comes pre-loaded with provision for gadgets, websites and eBooks with extensions available for mobile apps and services

Customizable Store Front

  • Modern responsive UI for enhanced user experience and portable on any device such as tablets
  • Home page displays all asset types
  • Navigation menu for all asset types
  • Search based on asset attributes, tags and/or categories
  • Sort assets based on rating, name and/or date created
  • Individual page per asset with comments, rating, tags and other details of the asset for easy reference.
  • Social platform for comments and ratings
  • Personalized ‘My Items’ corner to display subscribed assets.

Customizable Store Back-office

  • Easily add new assets for a given asset type
  • Asset type based view to manage each asset type as a group
  • Graphical view of the entire lifecycle of an asset
  • Change and manage the lifecycle of any asset
  • Role based interactions to review and publish assets
  • Historical views of asset lifecycle updates
  • View usage statistics of assets.

Connect and Scale

  • Connect to enterprise user stores to provide access to existing user bases
  • Single-Sign on for Store Front and Store Back-office
  • Clustered deployment for high availability and scalability.

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