WSO2 User Engagement Server

The WSO2 User Engagement Server (UES) unlocks enterprise data for business intelligence, monitoring and other enterprise requirements. Empowering not only developers but business users as well, WSO2 UES helps to rapidly create visually appealing and engaging web components such as dashboards, microsites and gadgets. As UES provides server-side capabilities out-of-the-box, going from data to screen has never been easier.

WSO2 UES includes an inbuilt Jaggery.js editor, site browser and graphical composer for dashboards. Tightly integrated to an enterprise store of Open Social Gadgets and microsites, users can build dashboards, microsites and gadgets with 3rd party data sources, and even share them among authenticated or anonymous users across the enterprise.

Leverage the award-winning WSO2 Carbon midldleware platform’s QoS features and Jaggery.js flexibility of writing server-side code without compiling or building, with the WSO2 User Engagement Server.

WSO2 User Engagement Server


Visually Create Dashboards

  • Graphical dashboard composer
  • Add gadgets from the enterprise store
  • Choose from default set of layouts or create your own personalized layout
  • Apply customized themes
  • Apply security based on users and user roles
  • Out-of-the-box Single-Sign-On (SSO)

Create Microsites

  • Develop with Jaggery.js, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Secured with Basic and Form Authentication

Publish Dashboard, Microsite and Gadgets

  • Publish and share dashboards, microsites, gadgets via the enterprise store
  • Access controlled sharing
  • Add tags and other meta information such as thumbnails and banner images

Web Component Discovery

  • Integrated enterprise store
  • Supports social features such as rating and commenting
  • Advance search capability based on tags, titles and content
  • Bookmark web components
  • Code snippets for easy embedding.

Jaggery.js Web IDE

  • Fully-fledged code editor
  • Jaggery.js, HTML and JavaScript code completion
  • Auto-save and crash recovery
  • Code formatting
  • Add HTML code snippets
  • Add gadgets from enterprise store
  • Link external libraries
  • Support for multiple tabs.

Govern Web Components

  • Web-based file browser view
  • Create, rename, delete, copy, cut and paste files and directories
  • View file and directory meta information
  • Edit, select and publish dashboards and microsites.