WSO2 Certification

What can WSO2 Certification do for you?

  • Certification gives you the platform to prove your skills to yourself and others.
  • Certification forces you to dig deep into the product.
  • Certification gives you a competitive edge over your colleagues and increases your employability.
  • If you belong to a partner organization and pass on the first attempt, you can be certified for free! Contact us at [email protected].



WSO2 Certified API Manager Developer

WSO2 Certified API Manager Expert

WSO2 Certified Enterprise Integrator Developer - V7 - Streaming Integrator

WSO2 Certified Enterprise Integrator Developer - V7 - Micro Integrator

WSO2 Certified Enterprise Integrator 6 Developer

WSO2 Certified Enterprise Integrator 6 Expert

WSO2 Certified Identity Server Developer


WSO2 Certified Solutions Architect Associate

A WSO2 Certified < Product > Developer/Administrator should be able to:
  • Configure and deploy the product to provide an OOTB solution.
  • Deliver a pre-sales pitch and lead a discussion using generic product concepts and features.
  • Deliver standard pre-sales demos, POCs, and samples.
  • Understand a business problem and evaluate the feasibility to use WSO2 products in the solution.
A WSO2 Certified Solutions Architect Associate should be able to:
  • Understand WSO2’s products and solutions and build solutions for customers.
  • Define business, solutions, and deployment architectures.
A WSO2 Certified < Product > Expert should be able to:
  • Propose a pre-sales solution using the following constructs.
    • Proper domain concepts and patterns
    • A complete and standard set of product features
    • Product architecture and message flows
    • Product extension and customization points
    • WSO2 connectors
    • WSO2 product integration with third parties
    • Product deployment best practices and migration
  • Deliver customized pre-sales demos, POCs, and samples according to a given business use case.
  • Deliver development services for the WSO2 product; this includes product configuration and artifact development.
  • Set up the WSO2 product and dependencies according to standard deployment patterns.
  • Develop and deliver product standard extensions.
  • Deliver product localizations and recommended customizations.
  • Review configurations and artifacts of a given deployment.
  • Troubleshoot the product in order to overcome development issues.

What’s Next?

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