WSO2 Update

Keep Your WSO2 Product Current and Secure

When we release a product version we don’t stop there. With valuable feedback from our users and by proactively searching for enhancements, we constantly improve our products, backport fixes to older affected versions, and push these improvements as updates through the WSO2 Update service to WSO2 Subscribers.

Continuous access to updates is vital to your system’s health during all its phases:

  • Using all available updates from the start eliminates the possibility of being stymied by a known issue during your evaluation or development.
  • A support request often results in an improvement or fix which is built, certified, and delivered to you as an update.
  • WSO2 Update gives you immediate access to improvements, packaged ready for easy deployment into your production systems, making sure it’s solid and secure throughout its lifetime.
  • Update channels deliver all updates or only security updates to fit your project lifecycle.
  • Update services are available for WSO2 releases for 10 years, so you can take advantage of bug and security fixes while remaining free to manage your upgrade schedule.
Product release cycle

Security is our top priority

We vigilantly monitor hundreds of open source projects, collect and assess security reports from users or academia, run code security reviews and automated code analysis and identify and address possible security weaknesses.

Should a vulnerability be discovered, WSO2 issues a private security bulletin to Subscribers and provides early access to the corresponding security update, allowing them to update their systems before a vulnerability becomes widely known.

How can you get updates?

It’s really quite simple!

The WSO2 Installer for each product provides an option for you to log on to your Subscription and get a distribution with updates already installed.

For managing your deployment longer-term, we recommend downloading the WSO2 Update Manager (WUM) and using its simple command line tool to download WSO2 products, log on to your Subscription, and periodically check for and install new updates. Read our documentation for more information on how to use WUM.

WSO2 will monitor and install updates for you as part of our WSO2 Managed Services or WSO2 Cloud services.

WSO2 Update service is subject to WSO2 Terms of Use and updates themselves are licensed only for Subscribers under the WSO2 Update EULA. If your subscription or trial ends, not only will you lose access to further updates, but you must remove the ones you received under your subscription or trial.

Speak to an account manager for more information.