WSO2 Update

Never wait for the next product release again

Evaluating our products for your mission critical projects?

We want everyone evaluating or developing on WSO2 products to have the best experience possible. With WSO2 Update you can make sure you have continuous access to critical bug fixes, security updates and performance enhancements necessary for your success.

When we release a product version we don’t stop there. With valuable feedback from our users and by proactively focusing on finding enhancements, we constantly improve our products and push these improvements as updates to support our customers.

Product release cycle

These continuous updates are vital to your system’s health during all its phases. During the evaluation and development phases of your project these updates are free to use. With a WSO2 Subscription you’ll be able to use them in production too! In addition to this, a subscription gives you 24x7 expert support to reduce risks and resolve issues quickly throughout the lifecycle of your system.

How can you get updates?

It’s really quite simple!

You need to be a registered user of the site. If you aren’t already, you can register here

Download the WSO2 Update Manager (WUM) and use it’s simple command line tool to get continuous updates.

Read our documentation for more information on how to use WUM.

Note that updates are released under the WSO2 Update License, so you can’t use them in production without being a paying customer. However, we encourage you to use them in non-production environments of your project.

Don’t want to spend on a subscription?

That’s fine, you are free to use the latest open source release without updates and prepare that for production use. However, you may still find it useful to subscribe to WSO2 updates and try them out in your development environments to see if any issues you encounter have already been addressed and delivered as updates. Essentially, you get a preview of how the next release will behave. All updates get rolled into the next open source release and you can take advantage of those fixes in your production systems at that time.

Contact US for more information.