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  • 6 May, 2012

But, as with so many interesting ideas, UDDI never really took off. There are still a couple of UDDI repositories out there, but I've never seen this used in practice. SOAP and the whole set of WS-* standards however are still much in use in organizations. For public facing APIs on the other hand people most often choose a more RESTful approach using the basic HTTP verbs and JSON.

Open source registries

Regardless of whether your creating an internal SOAP/WS-* based service or a public RESTful API using self-describing resources, it's very useful to have a central registry that you can use to store meta information on your services: lifecycle, SLA, documentation, policies etc. When you start looking for an open source registry, your options are rather slim. Basically there is, at the moment, in my opinion only one good open source registry: WSO2 Governance Registry.

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